~Far Far Away II quilt completed and I missed you~

It is fall all the way here in Memphis.  This is my time of the year. I love the fall season so much, but something has certainly been off… I miss you.  Maybe I will stop by from time to time to check.  Perhaps share a little of  this and a little of that.


I thought about starting a new blog, but it did not feel quite right.  My heart lies here I suppose.

Here is a little quilt I’ve been working on the past few months. Yes, months.  It was a slow process because I worked on it in small stages.  Piecing the blocks, framing them in the linen. I really wanted to hand quilt the whole quilt but my technique is not quite up to par.  I decided to go with a whimsical loopy scroll.  I really like it. 

What I  like the most is that I have finished something, took pictures and more importantly felt as if I had something to say. This is huge I tell you.

Here’s to a happy and warm fall, and a full heart.

*Better pictures in Flickr  and here’s hoping Santa brings us a new camera this Christmas!!

~Reflection on thankfulness day 3~

~I am so thankful my workday went by quickly and smoothly! One more day and then I will be off for a while!

and I will be so grateful for the quiet time to finish so many project’s I have hanging over my head!

~this is the beginnings of quilt I am making for my cousin’s best friend’s baby! ~or something like that!   I struggled for a moment to get my mojo going but finally thank the Lord, it hit me and I’ve been working feverishly to get it done.  Should not be too much longer.. and then there is this…

~my scraps to treasure quilt front that must be finished ASAP.. I am so late! Please excuse the wrinkles I should not even tell you how that happened..

~it partly involves this cat cuddling up on it, then being ambushed by his brother, and then a whole big rigmarole ensues.. goodness!

All in all I am so thankful I have a mind that won’t rest and hands that must be kept busy.  It just makes me feel more complete..

~I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught. ~Georgia O’Keefe

~I have been so quiet….

I have been in a quiet mood.   Partly because I am starting to feel the holiday pressure.. perhaps, but..

I have also had some really sad days thinking about my dad.  When these sad day’s come, I feel sadness so  deeply -it goes all the way to my core.  It is exhausting honestly.  I know that time will makes things better but right now I do not have time on my side…

 But to every sad feeling  I believe there is a “lightness” or a happiness waiting for you…

I have been  noticing  the light of these autumn days.  I have felt very connected to this light and surprisingly I have captured some shots of it…

I have always enjoyed the changing seasons.   This year even more so.  Especially when I began to notice this autumnal light.  I felt drawn to to it in a way I have never felt before and I have been wondering what it is means to me, what is it telling me, or where it is taking me…

to a new day, a new path, a new place – I am not exactly sure but I really feel it.

I believe “the light”or happiness will always win out over the sadness you just have to wait and be patient .. to every sad feeling and sad thought – there is a happiness  waiting to be found.   It just takes time..

I have a lot of things that I feel like I need to work out, hence the quote from Georgia O’Keefe it just seems to fit my mood today…

~February Lady Sweater done~

~Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits~  I am done!!!!

It only took almost 2 years… I started the first time at least a year ago, it would have had to been in the fall/winter … I started and I don’t remember why, but I stopped and frogged..

I remembered the yarn and my previous plans this September and I was more determined this time around..

I will say I am not loving the make 1’s .. those holes are not so good.

But as my grandmother would say (she is almost 97)  “a man on horseback…” she always says that for whatever I make.. it is not perfect, but it will do.  It seems like when you knit you learn a little something each project you do … at least I seem to!

~here is my action shot… If you are here from the Moments group… I will have you know I barely cropped the photo’s… just trying to keep it real ya’ll!

~So, on just a side note, I finished my sweater up and wore it for the first time yesterday.. as I was in the carpool line at school,  my car died, just died .. dead.  Oh me.. it was kind of  a scene, but at least I looked cute!.. right?


~Today I have a new powerful battery supposedly good for 7 years.. we’ll see!!

~ We left supper on the stove – and went for a walk~

“Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.”
–   Elizabeth Lawrence


Lately we will have a day of rain then a day of sun…

Such was the case Tuesday it rained all day, cloudy grey skies and buckets of rain fell.  Wednesday sunny and dry and the forecast for Thursday and Friday well, rain again … hence the reason we left supper on the stove on a low simmer….

The sun and a walk in the park was calling our names…

Seriously, sometimes you  just have to carpe diem~ you know??

   ~this is our Overton Park and it is right across the street from where we live.

~there is a lot of fall going on out there

  ~we were ready to walk and to gather

~the light is so beautiful in the early evening

~we saw fungi and we saw ferns

~ we explored close up

~I love the long views~

~fall only lasts a minute here, so I am glad we got out in it

~and our soup was just fine when we came home to it…

Emma made her nature display and all in all it was a very good afternoon!!   These are the moments you have to make time for. They are there for you to hold on to and cherish – if you can let your “supper” go for a bit..  It can be hard to stop the work that must be done, but in the end it can be so worth it!

Enjoy your fall!

~ Autumnal ramblings and a GIVEAWAY!! ~

I pulled out my fall runner yesterday that I made last year~

   partly because it is getting cold and well, because it is October and there is  no time like the present…

When I noticed a little theme going round….


You can tell by the activity around here the temperatures are beginning to drop, all animals have claimed their spot~

Any of our three dogs may be found on a couch  either cuddled up or  just curled in a warm ball …

The kitties are no exception … they have been spent all of their time sleeping and bathing each other on my fall runner.  Of course as soon as I just pulled it out they think it is just for them, well of course they do.. they’re cats!

We brought in some of the roses ~  surely they will not be around much longer.. 

Emma gathered a lonely walnut, maple leaf and set out some of her great grandmother’s sea shells to decorate the flowers.

I love these antique tea roses, pictured are Mrs. BR Cant, and Mrs. Dudley Cross along with a few blooms from our Vitex/Chaste tree. Lovely!!

Speaking of our garden,  wait until you see the giveaway information below it is awesome!!

First a little recordkeeping~   I saw my last hummingbird on Monday, the 12th.. This is important  as I like to keep a record my little friends coming and going’s.  I am always so sad to see them go.  It will be a long few months until they are back.. see you in March little friends..  Godspeed.

   ~sorry so blurry!


Speaking of  knitting, did you see this giveaway by GardenMama? She is featuring handmade items by Down in the Meadow  Wow, I am in awe~ what fantastic work! You have to go and check it out. The giveaway ends tonight so hurry! Of course I am late to the game..

So cute!!!

I need to be sewing but all I want to do is sit and knit.. that’s it.

It might be a problem, but for now~ not so much!

~ Dinner ideas and thoughts of many quilts ~

“There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on 
the feelings, as now in October.” 
–  Nathaniel Hawthorne


I am loving this October!! We are on a two week fall break which so far has been lovely even though the grey and drizzle.   Fall is my most favorite of seasons.  Soup is always on my mind and yesterday was no different. I made a vegetable soup that was awesome!  If anyone is interested I can write more about it, but just know that is a powerhouse of goodness!



I am always in search of dinner ideas.. you know it is hard to come up with something good every single night..

I have made this pizza before  and it is easy and really good.  Last night I made another one and I basically used leftover baked chicken, basil from the garden, olive oil and cheese along with a mix of whole wheat and white flour.


So easy and so delicious, even Miss Picky Pants ate it!

I am working on my Scraps to Treasure project. I am slowly working on it.   The project was due October 1st.  Needless to say I have been delayed in a horrible horrible way. It is slow going at times but I am hoping to get into a groove very soon.

I have been commissioned  for a baby quilt by my cousin. She reports that she has really enjoyed her Sand and Sea quilt that I made for her baby Elio, (he is gorgeous!) so much that she would like me to make one just like it from  these fabrics!  Aren’t they cute?? Yay!! I am so happy to do this…!!

I am contemplating trying to put together a quilt for a Silent Auction for my daughter’s school… however I am so undecided on ideas. I am a little unsure if anyone would be interested in such a thing.  I am kind of leaning towards an all solid Kona cotton quilt if I decided to do it, but I am still thinking on this idea.  I also don’t have much time….

Also,  Jade from Craft Hope has project 5, and this is a really good one!  This project not only helps little children, but also children that are here close to us all.  I am excited about this one!

I have lots more to chat about but it will have to wait. I hope your day is blessed!

~Welcome Autumn Equinox~

I am welcoming Autumn with arms wide open. I worked on this sweater back in July knowing of course that Autumn will once again arrive. I can’t wait.

I am still so sad about my father, the pain is there but it is a litle deeper inside rather than bubbling over and out..  It is 3 weeks today. 


But the sweater, I fell in love this pattern I had some lovely Blue Sky cotton on hand I can’t remember exactly what I did different to make this more sweater- like. Helpful I know, but all it lacked was a button. I finally got it sewn on.  Now I need just one more to finish it, but I am going to go ahead and call it done.  I wore it today and it was comfy.

    ~can you see the fall leaf button????

Welcome Autumn!
Now once it cools down, I will be soup making and fall veggie roasting ~ can’t wait!!