~Zig Zag Quilt Done soon to be Bama Bound~

I have to say it’s been a productive weekend. Yay!  I was so happy to finish this little quilt.  Again, I used this link from Crazy Mom Quilts to make the top.

I love this Farmdale line, by Alexander Henry. It is so cheerful!

I so hope whomever receives this quilt is somewhat comforted, knowing someone somewhere out here is this big old world is thinking of her. I know if it was my daughter in need I would hope someone would care for her.  I wish I had more time, I would make many more quilts! 

Loving this tote. I will say I made it a little too big.  I used this tutorial   from Craftiness is Not Optional. I am loving this blog, so many awesome ideas! Love, love, loving it.  But, what I was saying was, I enlarged the tote somewhat, because I just couldn’t tell how big the quilt would be. I think it is a spatial thing.  No matter, I believe it will do.

So happy to have this project finished.  I am counting the weeks, hopefully, until we move back home. I can’t wait.  I also can’t stop knitting bunnies. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I just can’t stop. They are so cute!

~Dusting off the old blog~

After months of  being absent I am creeping back to blogland.  Look what it took to get me out from my shell.. The Single Girl Quilt Along .  There is even Single Girl Support Group  on Flickr to help inspire you and walk you through each step.  I am really excited about this!   The Single Girl Quilt has been on my list to make for forever and this quiltalong will help to move me along. 

The pattern came in the mail earlier in the week and I’ve been itching to get started ever since.   This is big because I have  not sewed anything at all since early December.  We had some major family issues right before Christmas and unfortunately it knocked me back a bit. Thankfully we are in a better place right now.

Last night I began to trace the templates and then pulled some scraps together, the next thing you know I had a quilt block.

 I have green on my mind most likely because I can’t stop thinking about spring.. so I dug up as many green scraps as I could find.  I thought it would look lovely with my favorite linen.

My question now is do I make a sham or keep going and try to go for a baby quilt?? I can’t decide but the wheels are turning.  I need to go through my scraps again.. I love being able to use what I have.

And finding inspiration where you least expect it…

As we continue to turn toward  the light I begin to feel myself awaken.  I love this time of year. Sometimes it feels good to be brand new.

I hope to be back soon with a little more progress.

~Sometimes old is new again~


I came across this post and it gave me pause. I want to be about less stuff.  I know I can do better.  I know I’ve mentioned that I shop thrift. Everything you need is out there to be had if you can spend the time looking for what you need. Also be patient, you might not find it today, but keep looking, it will always show up.  I am trying to reduce my plastic use and at the very least recycle all that I can.  Glass storage containers are number one on my list every time I peruse the 2nd hand shops. I can never get enough storage containers.


Sometimes it seems the more you try to do, the more you see you need to do.  But I know I can’t do it all in one day. I can’t just change a lifetime of old ways all in this day today. I have to incorporate change in a thoughtful, methodical way otherwise I will feel overwhelmed. I also think I run a risk of falling back into old ways.  Either for convenience or just whatever.  That is just how I am. 

I thought I would share a few new changes for me over the past few weeks.

1.  A clothesline!! Yay!  So happy to have this. I have not used my dryer since we hung this up.  My clothes and linens smell wonderful. They are a touch crispy, but I am ok with that.  I am using my line and a dryer rack  so between the two I can put out my whole load.  Things seem to dry fairly quickly and I don’t have a ton of sun out back.  I am not sure how this will do in the winter, but my husband says people did it all the time when he was growing up, so I suppose he is right.  Didn’t everyone have to do this back in the day?? Growing up I have never experienced this, but I am happy to share this with my children.

That brings up another point… my daughter is 7, you would think  I sent her to the moon or bought her a pony. She has had a ball with the outdoor laundry.  She is involved in hanging up and taking down. She goes out to check on it and switch it all around. She has entertained herself for hours. Wonderful.

2.  I am trying to not wash more dishes by hand. I found the best dish drain rack at the Mid South Outlet, my favorite thrift store. I love this thing.  I don’t know for sure if I am reducing my water use, but I hope so.

It seems a little change can lead to big changes.  It did for me.  I have been switching over to more natural cleaning products. In particular, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, stain remover, and an all- purpose spray cleaner.

Recipes from here,here,here.

Again, my youngest daughter is all about helping to clean. I have no fear with the vinegar cleaner. Clean away little one.

The stain remover is absolutely amazing. I will not be buying anymore Shout.   Anyway, these are just a few of my changes. I still have a long list of want to do’s, but for now I’m good.  Learning is a process of evolving and it is a continual process for me. I hope some of these things are passed to my children.  We’ll see.

In case you think I am all “whatever” I’m not. I have a long list of things I still want to do like make soap, keep bees, raise chickens, move to a farm, be a sheep farmer, it just goes on and on. But hey, who knows.. like I said change sometimes begets change. 

Here are a few blogs that I find totally inspiring, maybe you read these already, maybe you would like to.. Farmama, Down to Earth,Cold Antler Farm, Soule Mama. These are just a few of my very favorites. Do you have any “must read” blogs that inspire you? I would love to know.

On this Independence Day I am thankful for the freedom to dream and to make the change that I want to make.

~My rocking chair needed some love~

~My mom is planing a huge move soon to her lake house.. she has tons of “extra” furniture that she needs to find a home for.  She had a rocker and I needed a rocker.  It was comfortable.. but .. I wasn’t loving the cushion.

So,  I made a new cushion. I thought it was pretty cute.  I used the quilt as you go technique from Patchwork StylePenny did a sew as you go quilt a long using the same technique. I think whoever thought up this idea is really clever.  I am thinking of doing a quilt for my bed using this technique, but I am not completely sold.  Anyway, it is great for cushions and pillows! Which is what I made next, because the crochet pillow was not working for me either.

~see, not really cute!

~here is the pillow. Much better!

Here is my “after” I think it is better. I love, love, love this rocker. I love to rock. I sit in this chair and watch my shows and I crochet.  The little pillow above? It was my test swatch for Lucy’s Granny Stripe Blanket.  When I saw her blanket, I knew I wanted to make one.  It is not a fast project, but it is a really good one for sitting and rocking, and watching the Housewives!!

~Oh Mujadara and a little pondering~

This post really spoke to me… I was so over winter, just done with it. Yes, we had some sun and we have a few little bulbs popping up, but the majority of the landscape is dead brown & yuck. I know a few good rains will change all of that, but February is a killer for me. It is just a hard month and it drains me.  everything changes in March, the sun is warm and bright.  Everything has buds and there is so much promise in these early March days.

So, I decided to make mujadara. I actually found the idea from here, at Kyrie’s blog,  I just love her blog.  It simply inspires me.

The mujadara is so simple, but the taste is so fabulous. It is all in the onions. This dish is a start in the morning and let it sit all day because it just gets better with a little time behind it.

I have made this fantastic flatbread several times already, and it is a wonderful thing to serve with beans.  My husband says this flatbread reminds him of living in Iran (he lived there for  a short time with his mom and step-dad in the 70’s).  It is really good.  Please spend time reading Sara’s blog, wow, it is so fantastic. You will love it and be really inspired. I know I am ready to go live on a farm!!  Well, in my mind anyway!!

~these little cuties have nothing to do with anything, but I am eating these by the handful each and everyday, so fresh!

I don’t have pictures of the flatbread, but trust me when I say you should make it.  It is fast and easy and a perfect side to this yummy dish!

The way it is going now, we will have a day or two of nice dry sunny days, temps as high as 70ish, wonderful.  So, on these days we are outside. Playing on the front porch with sidewalk chalk and drawing and coloring in her  art journal while I pull a few weeds and try to cut down some of the shrubbery.  Gah- it is a jungle out there.  Then we spend a few days with cold rain and gray dreary skies. I know this will pass soon enough, but spring can play havoc sometimes.

I am so grateful for the wonderfullness of blogs and women all around the world, sharing and inspiring so many.  I have always thought computers bring the world to you, and it is really true. If you want to learn it, you can, if you want to see it, you can all because of this wonderful thing called the internet.  As a young girl I could have never imagined such a thing. Here we are now with so many possibilities. It never ceases to amaze me.

May you find something warm to eat, a bit of sun to shine on your face and  something that brings you just a little bit of wonder.  Happy weekend!!

~Spagetti Woolen hat~




I won the most beautiful hat from Camilla from Bloom.   I can not tell you how warm and wonderful this hat is! There are no words.

She not only hand-spun every bit of yarn of course she knitted it as well.
She did a whole series on dying and spinning. She is Norwegian and she currently lives in Montana. She is a fantastic photographer as well. Please go visit her, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Camilla you have just made me week!!
I have had this warm hat on for hours~ I don’t want to take it off, so cozy!

Spagetti warm woolen hat~ thank you Camilla!!

I will be wearing this when I take my 3 girls (doggies) out for their morning walk!!

~Have you heard the news? Block Party Quilt- Along is having a giveaway!!~

4066756329_a3ef1ea3c4    ~Alissa and Kirsten are writing a book together. The book is based on their online quilting bee named Block Party.

I have long admired these ladies style of quilting so to me this is an exciting piece of news…. I hope you will join in and go check out their Block Party quilt along  post.    Some quilts made in the quilt along will also be featrued in their book!  This will happen over the course of a year, so their is plenty of time to get involved and learn some new skill~

 So cool!!  (Fabric pictured are the giveaway bundles)



~Moments and a wonderful new Giveaway!!~


First, a new three part giveaway!! Garden Mama is hosting another fantastic giveaway! Her guest is Hip Mountain Mama who lives and blogs and runs her shop from her home in Colorado.  This is an inspiring interview  and the giveaway is so cute! If you have children, or have a special little friend, then you must go check it out!!

Now, this is where we get real!!!

You will often find me in the afternoons sitting at my desk. This is the time between doing homework and preparing dinner.

~If I am lucky, the afternoon sun will stream in~

I  seem to be able to many things at once, cook, supervise, cast on and blog surf.  I seem to have a little trouble keeping things tidy…

 Especially when you have little helpers always bringing you things you just don’t need…. ie: that green hairbrush,  “Yes I just bought a new brush so, no I don’t need it here at this desk right now, but thank you.. I will take it from here.”

Then there are the bits and bobs of paper, thank you notes, bills and what not that just needs to be sorted.. oh how messy life can be.   It does not help when all you want to do is focus on things that are so much more fun! 

Like casting on for a new project! 

In honor of our moments project, and keeping things more real ~ this is how it really looks~

I will get to that cleaning pronto!!

I work a couple of days a week, and when I get home you can often find me collapsed in my chair, however, you will not always find my friend napping with me!   Seriously is he not a mess?

~here we are, power napping the both of us, how silly!

So it goes.. these little moments  ~ they are precious to me…

Do you remember the Fall Quilt Festival?

I neglected to show you what I won from Quilternity.   If you have not read through Amy’s Fall Quilt Festival, you must do so soon! Fantastic posts showcasing some wonderful quilters!  Thank you again Terri!!

I really look forward to working with these lovely fabrics as well as using the color wheel helper!!

Just a lovely prize!!

Enjoy your day!  I am off to fire up the oven to bake some bread, yum!

~Moments- Keeping it real~

So, Amy at A Commonplace Life started this discussion last week It really resonated with me. In oh so many ways..

Ok, I have a lot to share in my imperfect world, house etc., but today let me just be real, really real. 

I made this quilt, I worked on it all last week and I finished it up Saturday morning.  I will say I am pleased with the way this quilt turned out.  Really quite pleased.


Ok,  so the auction/ Fall Fest is tomorrow, Thursday night.. today is Wednesday.  I just now got the courage to call and say I had an item… WHAT?  Yes, I just got off the phone with the lady in charge of gathering items.. and yes she was really nice about it all..

Ok, so why could I not pick up the phone and call? Craft anxiety. I have it.  I just never really think my things are good enough.  I am certainly my own worst critic.

I know, I am so silly.  I just am a mess really.

I worked hard, I like the outcome, but yet what is it with me?  I just have no confidence in my ability and that is pathetic, really just all around…..I just seem to have a lack of confidence  and I do not like that about myself.

I am not right and  I know that 🙂 

My confidence will come one day, maybe I will get it all together maybe by acknowledging my shortcomings I will be able to overcome them and perhaps be able put them in their place, but until then….


I’ll just try to keep it real ya’ll.

~ Quilt for Silent Auction check it !!~

~Love love love !!

~ So I got it together this past week and came up with this little quilt ..

I am so happy with this quilt.  I have really wanted to make a solid quilt. My inspiration came to me from One Shabby Chick’s Quilting Festival entry.. I loved that quilt from the first moment I saw it.

I used all Kona cotton fabrics. I improved each color block, and after seeing all of them and studying them it came to me that they all appear to me as wonky crazy doors.. Which I love, this being a quilt for my daughter’s school Silent Auction, it fit.

  ~front of quilt.. light is very difficult today… I was chasing it…

  ~ back of quilt.. love that big block!

  ~ okay, maybe this is too out there, but this phrase was in my mind.. when I think of her school, the children, the faculty, the parents… their mission this is what comes to mind…

~I fought with this blanket stitch, my cranky bobbin and I was down to the last bits of thread…. but I am letting it go~

Here are af few of the “doors” ~

  ~the color is a bit off here, the block is not red, it is more magenta?!

ok, you get the point…

I quilted each color block in a different pattern, but I have to say my hat is off to all of  ya’ll who straight line quilt, that is no easy task! It looks so simple, but it is as hard as the dickens.. Seriously not easy..

I had to back to my first love, stippling  for the main body and I love the overall effect. It works for me.

Matching sham check…

one happy little helper… check check~

We’re good!

Enjoy your weekend!