My husband brought home a flea infested puppy about 3 weeks ago. He said she was playing in the street and people were honking their horns at her. She was oblivious of course. He first saw her on his way to the park while walking our other dogs, on his way back, there she was causing trouble. Somehow he managed to convince her to come to him, he leashed her and brought her home.

Yes, wasn’t that just lovely of him?


~quilted cat beds~


~This project has been on my mind for way to long!  Our cats will sleep on any kind of fabric they can find.  More often we will find them asleep on a floor vent.  It is so cold, especially down on their level.   I used some of my favorite thrifted finds and some lovely leftover scraps and came up with these 2 beds.  For the back I used a large bath towel cut in half.  I made ties for closure for frequent washings.  I used 2 leftover couch cushions for the interior.  This was a perfect project for a cold winter’s day.

the back~

The result?

2 cats on one bed, I guess that works to!

~Reflection on thankfulness day 3~

~I am so thankful my workday went by quickly and smoothly! One more day and then I will be off for a while!

and I will be so grateful for the quiet time to finish so many project’s I have hanging over my head!

~this is the beginnings of quilt I am making for my cousin’s best friend’s baby! ~or something like that!   I struggled for a moment to get my mojo going but finally thank the Lord, it hit me and I’ve been working feverishly to get it done.  Should not be too much longer.. and then there is this…

~my scraps to treasure quilt front that must be finished ASAP.. I am so late! Please excuse the wrinkles I should not even tell you how that happened..

~it partly involves this cat cuddling up on it, then being ambushed by his brother, and then a whole big rigmarole ensues.. goodness!

All in all I am so thankful I have a mind that won’t rest and hands that must be kept busy.  It just makes me feel more complete..

~Moments and a wonderful new Giveaway!!~


First, a new three part giveaway!! Garden Mama is hosting another fantastic giveaway! Her guest is Hip Mountain Mama who lives and blogs and runs her shop from her home in Colorado.  This is an inspiring interview  and the giveaway is so cute! If you have children, or have a special little friend, then you must go check it out!!

Now, this is where we get real!!!

You will often find me in the afternoons sitting at my desk. This is the time between doing homework and preparing dinner.

~If I am lucky, the afternoon sun will stream in~

I  seem to be able to many things at once, cook, supervise, cast on and blog surf.  I seem to have a little trouble keeping things tidy…

 Especially when you have little helpers always bringing you things you just don’t need…. ie: that green hairbrush,  “Yes I just bought a new brush so, no I don’t need it here at this desk right now, but thank you.. I will take it from here.”

Then there are the bits and bobs of paper, thank you notes, bills and what not that just needs to be sorted.. oh how messy life can be.   It does not help when all you want to do is focus on things that are so much more fun! 

Like casting on for a new project! 

In honor of our moments project, and keeping things more real ~ this is how it really looks~

I will get to that cleaning pronto!!

I work a couple of days a week, and when I get home you can often find me collapsed in my chair, however, you will not always find my friend napping with me!   Seriously is he not a mess?

~here we are, power napping the both of us, how silly!

So it goes.. these little moments  ~ they are precious to me…

Do you remember the Fall Quilt Festival?

I neglected to show you what I won from Quilternity.   If you have not read through Amy’s Fall Quilt Festival, you must do so soon! Fantastic posts showcasing some wonderful quilters!  Thank you again Terri!!

I really look forward to working with these lovely fabrics as well as using the color wheel helper!!

Just a lovely prize!!

Enjoy your day!  I am off to fire up the oven to bake some bread, yum!

Sunday Musings~ children’s art, sewing dolls, pit bull and kittens~

 Talk about an electic mix of subject matter!

   ~Eldest daughter had an art class at the Memphis College of Art.  This is one of her pieces.

   ~ I think she did a great job!  The clas was digital photography, and this is stunning to me.

   ~someone asked me if I made dolls. Not  exactly I said, but let me think about it.   I found a bit of whimsy prims these patterns are so adorable, I can not even tell you. Pretty easy as well. I started this last night. Finished today. I know I will do a few things a little differently when I make the next one, but I think Billie Anne is too cute!  The little girl I have in mind for this is 2 years old, and the eyes would have to be embroidered. That was the only part I found fiddly, but that is me not the pattern.

When I saw this scene on my couch last night, I was too through~

 I mean seriously, are you kidding me?



Oh how things have changed from the first early days when we heard hiss spat hiss all day long.  Olivia is a bull dog and persistence is the name of the game.  She never gave up wanting to love on those kittens and by gosh she finally broke them down…..

  ~Mother dog does it again..


All is well this cloudy and dark Sunday.  I hope for you as well..

A little glimmer of what is to be….

I don’t have a lot to say except I am so enjoying this wonderful spring!  I am always so thankful when this time comes around again. I love to see the new growth of old friends! Each year the garden changes just a bit, and it really delights me to see what is new, what is different and what is just a little more grown up. When you start with emptiness, it is really delightful to see how things fill in and age.   We have been blessed to have a significant amount of early spring rain, to the likes of what we haven’t seen in years. The garden really has responded. My roses are budding up, and first one out of the gate (as it always is is climbling old blush), it is just beginning to pop.  In a day or so it will be magical. In the meantime here are some early morning photos snapped quickly on my way to work ….

mornings are the best just  staring out the window catching little glimpes of what is to be…


 Love this japanese maple..please excuse the name tag..

  I just spiffed up the fountain and cleaned the pump, it is back in action!


  another view, with azalea and bridal wreath..

  somehow with my glasses on (read blurry vision) this area looked like Monet with the white bridal wreath spirea, red emperor tulip and fuschia azalea (totally need new glasses perscription, and I only wear contacts in the day time…)

 another view “Monet moment”

  cat on log bathing.. he is so cute!

A place to bark!!!

I found  a cause that really spoke to my heart!  We have 3 dogs and one little kitty who are all rescue animals. Every-time I see or hear of animals being destroyed at pounds it really hurts me. I know I can not save every animal. I also know that no matter how many times I talk about trying to go to a pound or shelter or rescue first to give an animal a second chance for a happy and loving life people don’t respond as I hope they might. I know I can not control or really change anyone. But, I can help other like minded people who feel as I do, and are doing what I have always wanted to do. It is not always possible to have everything you ever wanted, but we can help others who are working on a similiar dream. This is what spoke to me about Bernie’s Blog “A Place to Bark” please check it out! She is working feverishly to open a shelter and in the meantime she is using her home to house many many puppies, dogs and kitties. She is currently participating in a charity event and if she wins first place she will receive a prize of 50k for her cause. The other great thing is that for each donation she receives she will be matched up to 25k. It is a win win situation. She has a ton of support and has many artist friends who are helping her cause. If anyone has time or the inclination to help give a chance to unwanted animals please check out her blog. She also answers questions regarding her whole operation. I really admire Bernie and wish her much success!

On another note, I can not post her badge/button and I don’t know why! If anyone reading this can help me out, it would be much appreciated! I really struggle with this feature on word-press 😦

Now, I have made this Rubble Scarf many times~  I can not say enough how much I love this pattern, man I love it!!  So much, that I felt inspired to make my daughter a “Rubble Inspired” scarf… it is a loose interpretation/inspiration of the pattern ~I love so much!   I used leftover scraps from other projects, Halloween costumes, dresses, etc. I think it was a good way to clean out my scrap pile, and create a warm scarf for my little one’s  neck!

Happy Saturday!

Knitty Toddle scarf done and another round of Rubble!


Ok, so the Knitty Toddle scarf is done! This was easy and fun. No lie! I am really loving this.  This is for a little fellow named Jack who was born in Oct…. He will grow into it I am sure. I have one more little hat to knit then off it will go.  I myself would LOVE a scarf just like this!  close up of the pattern.

 You can barely see it, but in the middle of this photo is the key hole in which to slide the end through.

On another note, I am crazy about this Rubblework Scarf. It is so fun to make. Kathy Mack is a great designer.. here is her crafty friends of Pink Chalk Hill flicker group check out all the cool things folks have made! Ok, here is my 2nd version of the Rubble scarf..

I would love to try this on and model it, but I was out in the cold drizzly rain and my hair is standing up on it’s ends right now… not pretty!  But I think this scarf is kind of cute… I am hoping to give this as a Christmas gift…. hope it will be liked!

Here was my first version…

On another note, just to show you that true love does exist… in case you had any doubt I mean…Here is kitty and Olivia still bonding~

Still feeling the love…

Back earlier when Kitty was still  a baby~

That is love!

quick little update on previous wip…


Quick little update on my embroidery attempt. I used the embroidery work and created a few borders of stash fabric to create a pillow. I backed the pillow in a chocolate suede type fabric leftover from a previous project.

Loving fall right now!

Surprise lilies popped up after our last recent rains..

This rose is Martha Gonzales, showing her pink self~ usually she is a deep red, must be the weather?!

Possibly the last fall tomatoes … I will surely miss these!

Playing with “Wolf”…