~I should be packing, instead I am on this darn computer~

Only 2 more days until we move back into our house We left in the middle of the night on February 24th and have not been back since. It’s been an incredibly long  process. There were many times that I could hardly make myself go back and look at the house. I know things had to be done, and it was excruciatingly slow at times. If you have to rebuild then sometimes you have to tear down. That was the hard part, watching the destruction after the tree fell.  But brick by brick, board by board, shingle by shingle, walls have been rebuilt, repainted, re-insulated. New wooden floors were laid. We are finally almost ready to go home. It is very exciting for us. I hope to have a few pictures soon.

In the meantime, I want to share a few things I have been working on trying to pass the weeks waiting to go home.

Remember the Bama Bound Quilt Project, well, I made just one more quick quilt. I used a fabric bundle from FabricWorm and one of my favorite quilt pattern from Amy At A Commonplace Life,  it’s  the Roundabout Quilt Pattern. It’s so fun.

 I really love this pattern. Here is the back:


Got into a little scrap with this corner of the binding, I did not win.

I really love the back.

Let me just show you a little peek of the animals I have been knitting like a mad woman.

These patterns all come from Barbara Prime. Her patterns are adorable! The best part is that you work on each piece one by one. Perfect for watching tv after a long day of work. It’s a leg here, an arm there, before you know it you are ready to assemble. My daughter loves each one, so I guess that is a good indication for how darn cute they are.




Well, this is what I’ve been up to lately. Hope you all are enjoying your summer. I am ready to hurry up and get home and get my kitchen gear back in use. I really miss my  “no knead”  bread, home-made pizza, and my green smoothies. Why did I let them pack up all of my things? I guess it will be that much sweeter when I get home.


**More pictures in Flickr.

*** Another time suck? Pinterest. Do you do it? So fun, but it is a time killer.


~My rocking chair needed some love~

~My mom is planing a huge move soon to her lake house.. she has tons of “extra” furniture that she needs to find a home for.  She had a rocker and I needed a rocker.  It was comfortable.. but .. I wasn’t loving the cushion.

So,  I made a new cushion. I thought it was pretty cute.  I used the quilt as you go technique from Patchwork StylePenny did a sew as you go quilt a long using the same technique. I think whoever thought up this idea is really clever.  I am thinking of doing a quilt for my bed using this technique, but I am not completely sold.  Anyway, it is great for cushions and pillows! Which is what I made next, because the crochet pillow was not working for me either.

~see, not really cute!

~here is the pillow. Much better!

Here is my “after” I think it is better. I love, love, love this rocker. I love to rock. I sit in this chair and watch my shows and I crochet.  The little pillow above? It was my test swatch for Lucy’s Granny Stripe Blanket.  When I saw her blanket, I knew I wanted to make one.  It is not a fast project, but it is a really good one for sitting and rocking, and watching the Housewives!!

~Simple sewing~

   ~I tackled this pattern yesterday. Honestly it only took a couple of hours. Very easy to put together.

I made this for my precious little niece Caroline, who is probably have way to 20 by now, I haven’t seen her in a few weeks.  Each time I see her she is so much bigger. Her little eyebrows and eyelashes have come in.  She is more beautiful each time  I see her.

This was fun to make.  I intended to add the ric rack and a grograin polka dot ribbon, but this pattern just did not work for that.  It is made with  a lining and perhaps I could have figured it all out, but not this go around.  The last jumper I made really allowed me to add those little extra’s very easily. I am sure I could do it with this pattern~ maybe not just the first time around.

I do think this is cute, but maybe a little boring??  I was thinking of doing an applique heart  or a crochet heart ?  Then again, maybe simple is the way to go. 

~A. if you see this, let me know what you think!!

Have a good weekend!!

~ Craft Hope Haiti Quilt~


I finally finished my Scrap to Treasure Quilt  –finally yay!!
I had an extra incentive  to hurry up and get it done.

I am donating  this to the Craft Hope Etsy shop – all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders— every little bit helps you know…

   ~back, scrappy stripe and polka dots!!


~quilted cat beds~


~This project has been on my mind for way to long!  Our cats will sleep on any kind of fabric they can find.  More often we will find them asleep on a floor vent.  It is so cold, especially down on their level.   I used some of my favorite thrifted finds and some lovely leftover scraps and came up with these 2 beds.  For the back I used a large bath towel cut in half.  I made ties for closure for frequent washings.  I used 2 leftover couch cushions for the interior.  This was a perfect project for a cold winter’s day.

the back~

The result?

2 cats on one bed, I guess that works to!

~First quilt of 2010 done~

Well,  let’s make that the last quilt of 09 and the first quilt of 2010 done.  Whatever, it’s done and that makes me happy!

  ~I had the hardest time taking pictures, I had to go outside and chase the sunshine!

The quilt pattern is called the “Roundabout Quilt” by  Amy of a Commonplace Life.  The first time I saw her completed quilt’s and her tutotial for her pattern, I knew I wanted to make one. I just loved it from the start. 

I will say I was nervous about piecing circles but I got over it, quickly.  I love circles.  They are easy.  I was pinning and pinning at first, but soon I just kind of lined them up and let it rip.  It was fun!!

Here is the back, I wanted a little bit of calm here, as opposed to the wild jumble of color on the front.  I just made a few more blocks then pieced with  Kona cotton “Snow” to complete the back.  I used Kona “Bahama Blue” or something like that for the binding, again going for a little calm.

This quilt is for my daughter Emma, I had promised her a quilt and it took  me forever to get around to it. I just had to have the right fabric, the right pattern, and I think this  is what I wanted for her.  I call it my “Circle of Love” quilt for her, so she will always remember that she is surrounded with love. Corny, but true!

A quilt is never done until it is photographed,  so now it is in her possession and she is really happy.  That makes me happy!

~I think I LOVE it! So happy and colorful!   Thank you Amy for sharing this wonderful pattern! It is genius!

~Moments- Keeping it real~

So, Amy at A Commonplace Life started this discussion last week It really resonated with me. In oh so many ways..

Ok, I have a lot to share in my imperfect world, house etc., but today let me just be real, really real. 

I made this quilt, I worked on it all last week and I finished it up Saturday morning.  I will say I am pleased with the way this quilt turned out.  Really quite pleased.


Ok,  so the auction/ Fall Fest is tomorrow, Thursday night.. today is Wednesday.  I just now got the courage to call and say I had an item… WHAT?  Yes, I just got off the phone with the lady in charge of gathering items.. and yes she was really nice about it all..

Ok, so why could I not pick up the phone and call? Craft anxiety. I have it.  I just never really think my things are good enough.  I am certainly my own worst critic.

I know, I am so silly.  I just am a mess really.

I worked hard, I like the outcome, but yet what is it with me?  I just have no confidence in my ability and that is pathetic, really just all around…..I just seem to have a lack of confidence  and I do not like that about myself.

I am not right and  I know that 🙂 

My confidence will come one day, maybe I will get it all together maybe by acknowledging my shortcomings I will be able to overcome them and perhaps be able put them in their place, but until then….


I’ll just try to keep it real ya’ll.

~Welcome Autumn Equinox~

I am welcoming Autumn with arms wide open. I worked on this sweater back in July knowing of course that Autumn will once again arrive. I can’t wait.

I am still so sad about my father, the pain is there but it is a litle deeper inside rather than bubbling over and out..  It is 3 weeks today. 


But the sweater, I fell in love this pattern I had some lovely Blue Sky cotton on hand I can’t remember exactly what I did different to make this more sweater- like. Helpful I know, but all it lacked was a button. I finally got it sewn on.  Now I need just one more to finish it, but I am going to go ahead and call it done.  I wore it today and it was comfy.

    ~can you see the fall leaf button????

Welcome Autumn!
Now once it cools down, I will be soup making and fall veggie roasting ~ can’t wait!!

Craft Hope project 2 ~ ready to travel!

My little doll friend is ready to go to her new home.  She is tucked in and ready to be received by a little girl who needs someone to love.

She has a little quilt to accompany her on her long journcy~

Quilt details~

and here~

back view~

I used a vintage sheet and kona cotton solids.  I love the colors of the sheet, they seem to pick up on the little doll’s fabric body. I love her big brown eyes and her cozy quilt.  I really hope a little girl over in Nicauarga loves her as much as I loved making her.  It feels good to have another project done. I had really lost my mojo for a while. Hopefully it has come back as I have lots of ideas and not so much time.  

~ please excuse the dark photos(yet another dark gray weekend)  and the bit of ick on the pink block. Not sure what that is but it is not really on the quilt…. now!