~ Craft Hope Haiti Quilt~


I finally finished my Scrap to Treasure Quilt  –finally yay!!
I had an extra incentive  to hurry up and get it done.

I am donating  this to the Craft Hope Etsy shop – all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders— every little bit helps you know…

   ~back, scrappy stripe and polka dots!!


~Like a bridge over troubled waters~


I love Simon and Garfunkel, LOVE them, but I love Bon Jovi MORE!! I am a child of the 80’s after all.  

I have Haiti on my mind and they have a great need for help.  There are so many ways to help if you are able, if not, prayer’s will do.

I learned a few things today that I either didn’t know, or had forgotten.   Haiti is an island shared with the Dominican Republic. The slaves staged a revolution which eventually allowed the Louisiana Purchase to occur. This was vital to our young country.  Haiti has an 80% poverty rate and they are ill equiped to handle this crisis.  I heard the Haitian President is homeless now and is sleeping at an airport.  Goodness.

 I can’t stop thinking of the children, the families, the elderly, the injured, and the remaining survivors. There are many ways to help if you feel moved to. Here are a few links I found helpful.

Craft Hope –

 is setting up an Etsy shop for you  to buy home-made goods. All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders. You can help by donating your goods, or by purchasing any of the items.

Sew Liberated – helpful links to contact your representatives  for stopping deportation of Haitians while they try to recover.

Doctors Without Borders –  they are already in Haiti providing care to Haitians. They want your donations if possible, or at the very least, help spread the word.

International Red Cross  – They are helping provide medical care, as well as trying to reconnect families.

One more: Chris Sacca – lots of good info here, plus read the comment section for more.

Every effort helps, please spread the word.

Craft Hope project 2 ~ ready to travel!

My little doll friend is ready to go to her new home.  She is tucked in and ready to be received by a little girl who needs someone to love.

She has a little quilt to accompany her on her long journcy~

Quilt details~

and here~

back view~

I used a vintage sheet and kona cotton solids.  I love the colors of the sheet, they seem to pick up on the little doll’s fabric body. I love her big brown eyes and her cozy quilt.  I really hope a little girl over in Nicauarga loves her as much as I loved making her.  It feels good to have another project done. I had really lost my mojo for a while. Hopefully it has come back as I have lots of ideas and not so much time.  

~ please excuse the dark photos(yet another dark gray weekend)  and the bit of ick on the pink block. Not sure what that is but it is not really on the quilt…. now!