~Iraqi Bundles of Love~ Taking time to give thanks and helping others~



Ok, here is one of the coolest ideas I have seen a while.  I love the idea of sharing what I have, but I don’t always have the time and  the energy to make and to give to all that I want to..  Sometimes I don’t have the proper avenue in which to share myself, or give what I have to share.

There are great projects out there…don’t get me wrong but this  project  just really spoke to me.

This is a great way to clear out all of the bits and bobs that you are stashing.  Everything will be used for something. How perfect is that? The Iraqi people will waste nothing. They can use anything you can spare!
Old projects you have not completed? No problem! Knitter’s and crocheter’s? You are able to help as well~ send yarn, needles, hooks~ whatever you can spare!
If you collect vintage sheets (I do!), send your scraps, large pieces of fabric, bobbins, thread, needles, scissors, beads, old craft projects? Yes, send it on!
Anyone can help, it will cost you about $11.95 for a large APO box (that may be picked up from the Post Office), just think about giving of yourself, while cleaning up a little.  Everyone wins!   You may never know what becomes of your donation, but rest assured you have helped someone ~ somewhere!


Here is a way we  can give thanks to all of those in sevice for our country, who are giving of themselves in ways we may never imagine.


I will update once I have my bundled prepared!  Now, off to PO!

Edith’s Twirly Skirt Pattern~

This is a CUTE pattern.. from Stop staring and start sewing! and I fell in love. Really cute. Easy as well. I will say my ruffle/lining got a little wonky, but it is cute. I made the 2t size, and I have my 5yr old modeling it. So, it might run a little on the large side although I have a small petite 5 year old. It is hard to say. I love the embroidery. I used sheets from my stash for the first try. Maybe I will put it in my shop… 
There are a few more photo’s in my flickr!

I think I did better on my 2nd go around with Billie Anne~


I originally used flannel for the body, but I did not like the way it held up.  This time I used cotton. Much better.  I used some Joel Dewberry and a Heather Bailey cabbage rose print.  I did a hand crochet trim around the neck and sleeves.  I used a vintage trim around her skirt, pantaloons, and apron.  I also went with wool felt eyes since this will more than likely be for a 2 year old.   Hope she loves it!

School is back in and that has had us hopping.  I battled a stomach bug for 2 or 3 days, and hubby had medical tests… whew, glad that week is behind us.    Mr. Bear came home with our kindergartner and they have been very adventuresome.   Now we must go and journal the adventures!  Happy Sunday!

Something for Emerson…

A little girl is soon to be born, a little party for her is being planned for later in the week.  With this in mind I made this~  (weird lighting)

I am pretty pleased with this little dress..    

Not sure what is up with the lighting!!

  I started out with Simplicity dress pattern 3509 , I used the dress and sleeve portion of the pattern. From there, I went out on my own. Honestly I hated hated this pattern, and I hated the yoke. I don’t know what the deal is, but I could not get it. Which is fine because I intended to change it up anyway. I gathered the neckline in attempts to make more of a squared neckline. That went ok, I added the pin tucks. Love that.   I added the entredeux to neckline and each sleeve.  I did a picot crochet trim on each sleeve. I really love picot.     For the neckline I did another trim from Samantha of The Handmade Dress.. (love her work, very very inspiring.) I added the pink ribbon, back pleats and a dainty little button with a crochet closure just to ensure there is a way to adjust the fit.

 I used my Dritz hem makerfor the hem, and what a difference that was. Perfect hem.   I also made the matching diaper cover-up thingy ~  ~ I really love the pink seersucker fabric I used.  I couldn’t help but to put a touch of embroidery on the center chest. A bonnet and booties are in the works..

  I think I am overall ok to give this gift. I see a lot of places that are not perfect. I am still on a steep learning curve. However, I will try not to be too critical and harsh of my work.   It was made with warm thoughts and so many well wishes for a new little being yet to live her little life.  Sometimes you just have to relax and let it be…   Right?


Ok, but I think I need to do a little something on the top of the tucks… that  little area is making me crazy… maybe embroidered x’s ? going across the top of the pin tucks?   Yes, yes, must let it go…?

New Little Ones and some more “Heirloom Sewing”

  A peek at my attempts at Heirloom Sewing….

   But first, our new little additions to the family, brother and sister kittens ~ about 8 weeks old.. poised and still trying to get a handle on their new family….pensive and a little timid..

   Annabelle getting sleepy…

   Tiger with very sleepy eyes…They are adorable, very energetic, independent, and playful (when not asleep)..    They are very connected to each other and spend a lot of time playing together and sleeping curled up together…  It was so lonely without Kitty, we decided to try to honor his memory with some new little ones who surely need a warm and safe home..

Now some sewing….

my attempts at Heirloom Sewing continue.   I am just trying out some techniques, my pin tucks are not so good.   I broke down and got a new foot, next time should be much better.  I also need to use a better quality fabric… same with the entredeux.. 

I do love the picot crochet trim.  I guess I should break down and use a real pattern as well.  This is loosely based on a baby day-gown, with ribbon weaved through the trim to adjust the neckline and arms.  If I only had a little on to try on and see about the sizing.   I am totally winging it on that one.  

The only thing left to do is the hem and the finishing touches.  I love the embroidered flowers, I used a thicker DMC all cotton thread for the embroidery, which I really like. 
Martha Pullen’s French Sewing by machine is on the way to me, so I can only say I have a lot of room for improvement, but it is very enjoyable so far.  It is a true test of patience, this is not a fast process. 

  That is one area I can certainly improve on… patience.

Sewing for baby~

There are a lot of babies soon to be born, in our family and a lot of friends as well. So, with this in mind I am trying out a few different things. The first topic being an area that I have wanted to get back into for a long time…. The Handmade Dress’ Samantha  did a lovely post on the topic of Heirloom Sewing.   Just look at her photo’s, her work is exquisite.  I know when my first daughter was little I took a class at a local sewing shop, on smocking.. at the time I just did not have the time and patience to stick with it.   Now that I am older, ahem, well, I am back interested… especially after reading this blog! 

Here is my little ode to heirloom with a bonnet made from cotton sateen, entredeux, and a finely crocheted shell edge. I spent time with this book for inspiration..


  Please note that spot appears to be on my lens, I had to go and do a double check on that, but no it is the lens thankfully!

  ~little birdy applique with some embroidery..

  There are so many different post’s on the applique, I have no idea where or when I saw this.. but it is made from a lovely flannel called Nursery Time, appliqued with wonder under and then zig zagged around. On a baby kimono shirt..

     All babies need burp cloth’s… I used Juliette’s tutorial  the only change I did was not use the birdseye diaper, mine was the premium 6ply super absorbant diaper, it had the thicker middle.. and it seems as if I did see this made with that kind of diaper, but I can not remember for the life of me where. However~ with this is what I came up with.. I am just loving that fabric..


More to do, but this is what occupied my time over the weekend.   Hope yours was all that you wanted it to be..

Finished objects, babies on my mind….

I finally finished baby Jake’s hat, it is a really cute pattern It took me awhile to get through this, I had to concentrate, on the pattern. It was not hard at all, it was fun and quick when I was alert and non-drowsy. It did not help that Christmas was in full swing.
I made this hat to go with my knitty toddle scarf… I think it is cute together.  These items are for a young baby, but they will totally grow with little Jake, as they are quite roomy!

Next fo is for a lady at work’s grandson, born just a week or 2 ago. I drew her name for her birthday party and I can not resist throwing in a little handmade something something! She has 2 miniature dauchsounds so, that was my inspiration. Pattern from Sublime Stitching~ and   I really love it! There are many bib tut’s out there and here and they are all fantastic! love these embroidery patterns!

Meet Eloise our Christmas Elf!


Happy December! The time is drawing near.  In the spirit  of all things Elfie, I have taken inspiration from many places….Here and here (this one really got me going!!)and I know there are many more. Anyhoo, I took my inspiration and focus to come up with …

Eloise~ the Elf!!           

We think she is kind of special!

She was made with Love of course.  Her pattern was cut, materials selected, stuffed, face embroidered, clothes sewn and assembled. She was embellished with an antiqued silver button and a warm gray scarf was woven for her neck and shoulders.  She was a lot of fun to make, and my little helper helped me with finding the appropriate name.

Much more to do with regards to Christmas, first and foremost to find our missing tote box of ornaments. How they disappeared out of our attic is beyond me.. Might have had something to do with our annual attic clean up spearheaded by dear hubby.  Hmmm. .. we have to get on top of this quickly.  We have a tree waiting…

Update:  We have found our “missing” ornaments! Yay!!  Let the yuletide festivities begin..

Little Elf shoe OH MY!

Thank you to Allsorts!! This elf pattern almost made me fall down. Love it! Here is my tribute to the wee little elf.

 I love the simpleness of this shoe, I love the little felt bobble on the toe, and I love the little embroidered flowers. I see this as gift potential  for the ladies at work.

Go ahead, make one!

eggnog pancakes with cranberry maple sauce and a new softie….

We had a wonderful start to our Saturday today. Daughter #1 made us a delicious treat. They were so good they would make you slap your mamma, no joke they rocked! I think this sort of a treat is perfect for our seasonal food. Great job Sara!

Next, daughter #2 created an artwork inspiration~

The artist showing her piece!

We gathered some supplies~ fabric from our thrift-store linen sheet, stash fleece in hunter green for the backing and thread on hand. We transferred our inspiration piece to our fabric, and commenced to embroidering. This was so much fun to do together. This little pillow softie is created with love and heart from little sister to big sister for her Christmas gift.

 We hope she loves it as much as we loved making it!

 Please excuse our purple marking pen marks, they have not yet completely faded. Here is a close up view of our 3 dogs, and cat.