~A Little bit of this and a little bit of that~

We are into a new month and I feel so behind!  Hello July! Happy Birthday America, we love you and we are thankful for you~~!

  ~ I have taken a break from the cute little hexagon quilt. I just needed a break.  You know how it is when it is full steam ahead and somewhere along the way it kind of wears down a bit..  I have no problem with that, I just move on to a new project.

This is a baby slip, I can’t give much information yet as I am so fearful I will hit a wall and run out of ability.   I will not be lying by saying this project will stress me to the max, but in a good way..

~ I will be learning many new techniques that I have never done before, but if not now then when?   So, I will continue on. I  started with the easiest component and I will try to work my way up.   One guess who this is for??

oh well, I am excited can you tell? Well wouldn’t you be?

baby caroline

Here she is at 30 weeks.  I got the pleasure of going to her 4d ultrasound.  The miracle of life it is really awe -inspiring.

  ~ if you crochet, then you must try the Tiramisu Baby Blanket from Alicia of Posie gets Cozy I just love this pattern!   I used Lion Brand Organic Cotton I have to say I am very surprised how much I loved this cotton yarn. Really really nice yarn, I can’t say enough about it. It has a really nice feel to it. I used this ribbon from Farmhouse Fabrics . I think it is the perfect finish to a cozy little blanket.

I also want to mention this pasta I made for supper the other night~  (sorry for the blurry picture)

  ~ this recipe is from Heather of beauty that moves~ my gosh, it was so good. I have a really picky 6 year old and she ate 2 bowls full. All I can say is YUM!  It was a hit!   She also has an amazing giveaway going on right now.. go quick and check it out!


I have one more little bit to talk about…

A  long while back I won a free episode of Bommerang from Blair of WiseCraft I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to talk about this.. We chose the episode of Jacques Costeau and it was just  wonderful. We have had some major computer problems that resulted in a new motherboard~

but trust me it was so cool! You have a choice to either download to your computer or MP3 player, or you can purchase the CD. We went with the computer download, but after doing that I should have done the MP3 player. My daughter is 6 and she is a girl on the go.  The cd would have been a good choice for us as well as she likes to listen to the NPR/Classical station when she goes to bed.  (They share the same station.)

I love the format, it is presented by kids for kids. It is part humor, much education and really well done.   Now that I am pretty sure our computer problems are behind us, I need to go get another episode.  Thank you Blair! Please forgive my tardiness!

Wow,  such a long post for me, thanks for hanging in there! See you soon!

Wow, long post, who knew I had so much to say, thanks for haning in there!  See you next time!

~It is Sew Mama Sew Give-a-way Day! A Give-A-Way for You!


Heidi who said~

Beautiful stockings – My husband and I were just saying that we need to get one for our daughter (it’s her first Christmas) It would be wonderful to win one – what a lovely store to tell her when she gets older.

Please email me with your address!

And, I am going to have to give away the dinosaur one as well as I was overwhelmed with all of the response! I wish I had something to give everyone!

and   foxsquirrelrabbit who said~

Both of your stockings are so lovely, what a nice way to create beauty out of recycled elements. I would love to win the dinosaur stocking for my two year old nephew who will be spending the holidays with us!


Please email me so I can get these packages off to you both. Thank you everyone!

Update: Oh my goodness, what a response! I have

 loved reading each and every comment. Everyone has been so sweet. My little helper has gone to bed, but I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon after I get home from work.  So, if you want to enter there is still time.  Thank you everyone for playing along!



I am so excited to participate in Sew Mama Sew’s Give-A-Way day! It makes me feel good to give.  I love it! This year with so much doom and gloom I have often been overwhelmed at times.  I am feeling  hopeful for the future.  I am hoping for a stable and healthy year with my family. We have had some hard times these past few years. We have suffered loss, too many, and a scare or two.  We have had our joys as well. I welcome each day for its newness and  I always hope for a better tomorrow. Everyday I try to do this. So, in order for me to feel good and hopeful I like to give.
I really do. It may not be much, but my intentions are sincere.

So, my gift to a lucky recipient is a stocking of your choice along with some goodies  to fill it with.

     a stocking for a boy or

     a stocking for a   girl…..












 I hope the dinosaurs do not offend, it is not my intention at all. I just loved the fabric.  The white heirloom inspired  stocking could be for a girl or a boy.   You pick which you prefer and tell me for boy or girl and I will fill it up and it is yours to give, keep or whatever…

  ~ wooden puzzles, wooden car, Christmas Story…..

inside the Edwardian book~

  The Edwardian House book is so cool! It has 8 rooms with incredible details.  I have 2 wooden puzzles, several books and some really pretty bunny sisters.. that should help fill a little one’s stocking.  Stockings were made with repurposed materials. The boy stocking is quilted and the white heirloom  stocking is handpieced and then machine stitched.   All toys have been collected from various thrift stores.

Happy Holidays from me to you!

To enter, just leave a comment.

 I will pick a winner tonight by 10:00pm Central time! I will mail by Monday….

Good luck!


~A quilt and a bubble~

     ~ I have been sewing for baby Charles~


 ~ First a precious baby bubble~


I used a pattern by Creations by Michie,  it has french seams, pintucks, just a touch of machine embroidery and a cute little piped collar.

~ and every little baby needs a quilt…


I think the color and pattern will suit a baby as well a growing little boy..

all that is left to do is to finish hand-sewing the binding on.  I love the back and will get a picture of that once it is completely done.

~my first commissioned pieces, hope they are well received.

~Blue butterflies and vintage green ~

     ~ new picassa tool

I happened upon some wonderful vintage sheets and they really spoke to me.  I was fortunate to find both of these sheets in the same afternoon and I just had to have them.  I crafted 2 dresses out of them and overall I am pretty pleased.   I am actually thinking of opening an Etsy shop and I would really love some feedback!  I mean I know I get a good bit of traffic, but no one really  talks to me 😦



Green vintage dress~ shoulders have an interesting application, they are slightly aysmetrical to add a little punch. Vintage buttons have been used. The dress is fully lined, vintage piping used around the waist with some decorative trim. Soft ivory bow and 2 heart yo yo’s complete the waist.

       ~vintage green sheet the color is really soft and unique.

  ~ french seams

  ~hand hemmed.

  ~ This dress was made a little faster. It is a vintage dress that features blue butterflies and flowers.   Coordinating foe was used for the shoulder strap. Heart yo yo’s accent the shoulder’s.

  ~decorative stitches used for the neckline, matches the hem by using 2 rows of the same decorative trim.

I would say these dresses would fit a 9 -12 month baby.

so, if you are so inclined… feedback would be appreciated!

Worthy of sale yay or nay?  Seriously!

Something for Summer Grace~



We have another little girl coming into our world in early August. Her shower is this week so I made another little dress.
This is my version of Simplicity 3509 ..  I basically used the pattern for the main body for the front and back and the sleeves.   Then I kind of constructed it as I saw it in my mind.. I used the medium or large size in order to have enough room to do french seams, pin tucks,pleats and a decent size hem.


 ~neckline and front details… the fit is loose and the dress can be adjusted with the ribbons at the sleeves and the neckline with  gingham ribbon. 

  ~ I love love love the picot crochet edging.


    ~ my pin tucks are much better on this dress.. I am much happier with these.

   ~back view of the dress, it is just as pretty to me as the front.


 ~matching bloomers and crocheted Mary Janes…. seriously cute, I LOVE these little Mary Jane’s!  I used a pattern from this book. I did my own version of the strap and finishing. It took a few times to figure it out my way because the way the book does it just did not do it for me. I am much happier now.

  ~ little bloomer’s!

   ~ a little bonnet just to complete the outfit. 

I can not help but to think this little girl will look like an angel.  I have had so much fun sewing these dresses.  It is my version of  heirloom sewing.. just a baby step into that arena.   It has inspired me to learn much more about this art form.  I only wish I could have started this when my girls were much younger.

Isn’t that the way it goes, who has the time then?  I really don’t have time now, but it is funny what you make time for when your motivated and inspired.  I am always looking for new ways to create, it does a body good!   We have no shortage of babies at my work, and I am hoping for a niece or nephew one day….

Something for Emerson…

A little girl is soon to be born, a little party for her is being planned for later in the week.  With this in mind I made this~  (weird lighting)

I am pretty pleased with this little dress..    

Not sure what is up with the lighting!!

  I started out with Simplicity dress pattern 3509 , I used the dress and sleeve portion of the pattern. From there, I went out on my own. Honestly I hated hated this pattern, and I hated the yoke. I don’t know what the deal is, but I could not get it. Which is fine because I intended to change it up anyway. I gathered the neckline in attempts to make more of a squared neckline. That went ok, I added the pin tucks. Love that.   I added the entredeux to neckline and each sleeve.  I did a picot crochet trim on each sleeve. I really love picot.     For the neckline I did another trim from Samantha of The Handmade Dress.. (love her work, very very inspiring.) I added the pink ribbon, back pleats and a dainty little button with a crochet closure just to ensure there is a way to adjust the fit.

 I used my Dritz hem makerfor the hem, and what a difference that was. Perfect hem.   I also made the matching diaper cover-up thingy ~  ~ I really love the pink seersucker fabric I used.  I couldn’t help but to put a touch of embroidery on the center chest. A bonnet and booties are in the works..

  I think I am overall ok to give this gift. I see a lot of places that are not perfect. I am still on a steep learning curve. However, I will try not to be too critical and harsh of my work.   It was made with warm thoughts and so many well wishes for a new little being yet to live her little life.  Sometimes you just have to relax and let it be…   Right?


Ok, but I think I need to do a little something on the top of the tucks… that  little area is making me crazy… maybe embroidered x’s ? going across the top of the pin tucks?   Yes, yes, must let it go…?

New Little Ones and some more “Heirloom Sewing”

  A peek at my attempts at Heirloom Sewing….

   But first, our new little additions to the family, brother and sister kittens ~ about 8 weeks old.. poised and still trying to get a handle on their new family….pensive and a little timid..

   Annabelle getting sleepy…

   Tiger with very sleepy eyes…They are adorable, very energetic, independent, and playful (when not asleep)..    They are very connected to each other and spend a lot of time playing together and sleeping curled up together…  It was so lonely without Kitty, we decided to try to honor his memory with some new little ones who surely need a warm and safe home..

Now some sewing….

my attempts at Heirloom Sewing continue.   I am just trying out some techniques, my pin tucks are not so good.   I broke down and got a new foot, next time should be much better.  I also need to use a better quality fabric… same with the entredeux.. 

I do love the picot crochet trim.  I guess I should break down and use a real pattern as well.  This is loosely based on a baby day-gown, with ribbon weaved through the trim to adjust the neckline and arms.  If I only had a little on to try on and see about the sizing.   I am totally winging it on that one.  

The only thing left to do is the hem and the finishing touches.  I love the embroidered flowers, I used a thicker DMC all cotton thread for the embroidery, which I really like. 
Martha Pullen’s French Sewing by machine is on the way to me, so I can only say I have a lot of room for improvement, but it is very enjoyable so far.  It is a true test of patience, this is not a fast process. 

  That is one area I can certainly improve on… patience.

Sewing for baby~

There are a lot of babies soon to be born, in our family and a lot of friends as well. So, with this in mind I am trying out a few different things. The first topic being an area that I have wanted to get back into for a long time…. The Handmade Dress’ Samantha  did a lovely post on the topic of Heirloom Sewing.   Just look at her photo’s, her work is exquisite.  I know when my first daughter was little I took a class at a local sewing shop, on smocking.. at the time I just did not have the time and patience to stick with it.   Now that I am older, ahem, well, I am back interested… especially after reading this blog! 

Here is my little ode to heirloom with a bonnet made from cotton sateen, entredeux, and a finely crocheted shell edge. I spent time with this book for inspiration..


  Please note that spot appears to be on my lens, I had to go and do a double check on that, but no it is the lens thankfully!

  ~little birdy applique with some embroidery..

  There are so many different post’s on the applique, I have no idea where or when I saw this.. but it is made from a lovely flannel called Nursery Time, appliqued with wonder under and then zig zagged around. On a baby kimono shirt..

     All babies need burp cloth’s… I used Juliette’s tutorial  the only change I did was not use the birdseye diaper, mine was the premium 6ply super absorbant diaper, it had the thicker middle.. and it seems as if I did see this made with that kind of diaper, but I can not remember for the life of me where. However~ with this is what I came up with.. I am just loving that fabric..


More to do, but this is what occupied my time over the weekend.   Hope yours was all that you wanted it to be..