~Zig Zag Quilt Done soon to be Bama Bound~

I have to say it’s been a productive weekend. Yay!  I was so happy to finish this little quilt.  Again, I used this link from Crazy Mom Quilts to make the top.

I love this Farmdale line, by Alexander Henry. It is so cheerful!

I so hope whomever receives this quilt is somewhat comforted, knowing someone somewhere out here is this big old world is thinking of her. I know if it was my daughter in need I would hope someone would care for her.  I wish I had more time, I would make many more quilts! 

Loving this tote. I will say I made it a little too big.  I used this tutorial   from Craftiness is Not Optional. I am loving this blog, so many awesome ideas! Love, love, loving it.  But, what I was saying was, I enlarged the tote somewhat, because I just couldn’t tell how big the quilt would be. I think it is a spatial thing.  No matter, I believe it will do.

So happy to have this project finished.  I am counting the weeks, hopefully, until we move back home. I can’t wait.  I also can’t stop knitting bunnies. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I just can’t stop. They are so cute!

~Bama Bound Quilts~

Bama Bound Quilts ~ a new project created to comfort some of the littlest victims of the recent Alabama tornado’s.

I can’t stop thinking of all the tornado victims from this past round of storms. The destruction and damage astounds me.  I keep thinking it could have been me. I can only imagine what it feels like to see sticks and piles of debris at what used to be your home. I can’t quite wrap my mind around this.

I know with certainty that I want to help. I know a small warm quilt will help comfort a little one. Nestled under its warmth or spread out to lay upon on a warm summer’s day. A quilt offers the warmth and security that I know I would need if I went through such devastation.

Please consider joining the cause if you so feel inclined.

Here is what the quilter in Alabama has to say about her project:

I am setting up a quilt charity for Tuscaloosa and Jefferson County. In particular need are children’s and baby quilts. Please pack in a child/medium size tote. Please include a small stuffed animal. Entire neighborhoods were wiped off the map. Hundreds of families and children are displaced. They have NOTHING. Thanks.

~ Craft Hope Haiti Quilt~


I finally finished my Scrap to Treasure Quilt  –finally yay!!
I had an extra incentive  to hurry up and get it done.

I am donating  this to the Craft Hope Etsy shop – all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders— every little bit helps you know…

   ~back, scrappy stripe and polka dots!!


~Like a bridge over troubled waters~


I love Simon and Garfunkel, LOVE them, but I love Bon Jovi MORE!! I am a child of the 80’s after all.  

I have Haiti on my mind and they have a great need for help.  There are so many ways to help if you are able, if not, prayer’s will do.

I learned a few things today that I either didn’t know, or had forgotten.   Haiti is an island shared with the Dominican Republic. The slaves staged a revolution which eventually allowed the Louisiana Purchase to occur. This was vital to our young country.  Haiti has an 80% poverty rate and they are ill equiped to handle this crisis.  I heard the Haitian President is homeless now and is sleeping at an airport.  Goodness.

 I can’t stop thinking of the children, the families, the elderly, the injured, and the remaining survivors. There are many ways to help if you feel moved to. Here are a few links I found helpful.

Craft Hope –

 is setting up an Etsy shop for you  to buy home-made goods. All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders. You can help by donating your goods, or by purchasing any of the items.

Sew Liberated – helpful links to contact your representatives  for stopping deportation of Haitians while they try to recover.

Doctors Without Borders –  they are already in Haiti providing care to Haitians. They want your donations if possible, or at the very least, help spread the word.

International Red Cross  – They are helping provide medical care, as well as trying to reconnect families.

One more: Chris Sacca – lots of good info here, plus read the comment section for more.

Every effort helps, please spread the word.

~Moments- Keeping it real~

So, Amy at A Commonplace Life started this discussion last week It really resonated with me. In oh so many ways..

Ok, I have a lot to share in my imperfect world, house etc., but today let me just be real, really real. 

I made this quilt, I worked on it all last week and I finished it up Saturday morning.  I will say I am pleased with the way this quilt turned out.  Really quite pleased.


Ok,  so the auction/ Fall Fest is tomorrow, Thursday night.. today is Wednesday.  I just now got the courage to call and say I had an item… WHAT?  Yes, I just got off the phone with the lady in charge of gathering items.. and yes she was really nice about it all..

Ok, so why could I not pick up the phone and call? Craft anxiety. I have it.  I just never really think my things are good enough.  I am certainly my own worst critic.

I know, I am so silly.  I just am a mess really.

I worked hard, I like the outcome, but yet what is it with me?  I just have no confidence in my ability and that is pathetic, really just all around…..I just seem to have a lack of confidence  and I do not like that about myself.

I am not right and  I know that 🙂 

My confidence will come one day, maybe I will get it all together maybe by acknowledging my shortcomings I will be able to overcome them and perhaps be able put them in their place, but until then….


I’ll just try to keep it real ya’ll.

~ Quilt for Silent Auction check it !!~

~Love love love !!

~ So I got it together this past week and came up with this little quilt ..

I am so happy with this quilt.  I have really wanted to make a solid quilt. My inspiration came to me from One Shabby Chick’s Quilting Festival entry.. I loved that quilt from the first moment I saw it.

I used all Kona cotton fabrics. I improved each color block, and after seeing all of them and studying them it came to me that they all appear to me as wonky crazy doors.. Which I love, this being a quilt for my daughter’s school Silent Auction, it fit.

  ~front of quilt.. light is very difficult today… I was chasing it…

  ~ back of quilt.. love that big block!

  ~ okay, maybe this is too out there, but this phrase was in my mind.. when I think of her school, the children, the faculty, the parents… their mission this is what comes to mind…

~I fought with this blanket stitch, my cranky bobbin and I was down to the last bits of thread…. but I am letting it go~

Here are af few of the “doors” ~

  ~the color is a bit off here, the block is not red, it is more magenta?!

ok, you get the point…

I quilted each color block in a different pattern, but I have to say my hat is off to all of  ya’ll who straight line quilt, that is no easy task! It looks so simple, but it is as hard as the dickens.. Seriously not easy..

I had to back to my first love, stippling  for the main body and I love the overall effect. It works for me.

Matching sham check…

one happy little helper… check check~

We’re good!

Enjoy your weekend!

~Oh my gosh I won!~

Seriously, this is my first time ever to win anything.. it just never happens for me!


Remember  Amy’s Quilt Festival?
I posted about my Nie Nie quilt.. well, as I was reading her post listing all of the winners, I almost fell out of my chair!
I saw my name!

Turns out I won a few goodies from  Quilternity  I am so excited!!!
Like this little helpful tool… wait until you see what I am working on… I really could have used this! Also, a set of 5 hand dyed fat quarters!!  

Are you kidding me?     

Thank you Quilternity and thank you to  Amy for hosting the Fall Quilt Festival, it was so much fun!

Remember it is never too late to learn a new task or to develop a new interest. If you think you want to learn to quilt, just go for it! It is easy, rewarding, forgiving and in the end you will create something beautiful.. what’s not to love?


Ps, doesn’t that coffee look super great???

It is not just a latte, no it is a a Pumpkin Pie Spiced latte from The Yellow Door Paperie oh my stars.. heaven in a cup and that is for real!!

So good!

   ~ and I made this recipe from the Soup Swap

So good! By the way, that is parmesan and steam on the picture.. I don’t know why, but lately I have been putting parmesan on everything.. what’s up with that?

~Fall Quilt Festival 09~


It is Fall Quilt Fest over at Amy’s Park City Girl blog
I was excited to join. 

This is not my best quilt, not at all, but it is extremely important to me, and it has taught me many things..

I believe that as we do, we become better. Especially with quilting, I seem to learn with every project.

The quilt I am choosing to show is one that I made about 1 year ago… Do you remember Nie Nie? Stephanie Neilson? She was in a horrible plane crash with her husband Mr. Neilson, and his flight instructor/friend Doug. The Neilson’s are well on their way to recovery but unfortunately Doug passed during that first night…
There was a huge outpouring of support and many benefits held in their honor to help with the medical expenses and all of the costs associated with such a tragic event. I felt that I needed to do something to help, no matter how small or insignificant it might be.

Hence this lovely little quilt. This one I am really happy with, it is completely randomly pieced~ improvisational style, I loved the colors, which I chose based on the thought of Arizona or the west, the sky, the sun, the desert, the mountains.  Sunset colors bold and simple.. the purple color, I don’t know, I think I thought it just needed that. Maybe it was a symbol of a desert flower…. I can’t quite  remember but anyway…




I think it all worked  out just fine.

Even though I did not pre-wash my dark colors, oops!! The color ran and I thought all was lost, however I spent so much time making that quilt, I just washed and washed it.  The stains mostly came out and I debated whether or not to send it… basically people were so sweet they said send it. They also reminded me that because it was handmade, the imperfections only make it sweeter and give a reminder that we are not perfect and never will be. It is simply impossible.

So, off it went..



And guess what? It sold immediately! Of course all items did, but still, it did sell!

Mission accomplished.  I felt great. This one act really changed my thinking, yes I love to create, but I don’t need all of the things that I make. You can only give so much as gifts, etc. So, now I craft with a little more purpose and I like to incorporate giving into my life. Great projects exist out there… Craft Hope, Mountain Baby Blankets, Iraqi Bundle of Love, Mama to Mama these are just a few..

  ~the back..


 ~ you can see my free motion quilting is kind of all over the place…

  ~ my corners appear a mess!

But, my point is, just do what you do, you never know where your journey will lead you, nor will you know how it will affect you.

I believe we came full circle this very week, as I watched Mr. and Mrs. Neilson on the Oprah Show !! Wow, she looks amazing, her husband looks wonderful as well.  Her spirit is as strong and lovely as ever, and I am truly touched by that!  I am so inspired to not only be a better mom, wife, but also to keep doing what I love because it is important, it really is..

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” ~ Malcom X

Please consider joining my group on facebook Justice for Robert Joel Benn-Stop Drunk Driving Now.

I know this will not bring my dad back. I know that.
I just can not allow my dad’s memory to be forgotten. I can not allow him to wiped off this earth without fighting for him. He would want justice, I want justice.

If any good can come from my father’s death, it would be that we as a society will not tolerate senseless killings.   Why would a 3 time convicted DWI individual ever be allowed back behind the wheel? Why would he be able to get his license back. How many chances does one get to kill?  When is enough enough?
This facebook group is created to keep track of  my father’s case and investigation and to give a voice to a victim who can not speak for himself.  Thank you.