~Lazy Days~


~I love winter. I love winter especially on the weekends when I don’t have to go out. I love staying in my flannel pj’s and lazing about.

~Eating yummy salads.

Yummy winter salad. xoxo it.
~Starting a new quilt, using my stash. Make do and use it up~

Scrappy Trip Along

Flickr Group

~Sewing for a new little boy named Finn.


The best baby newborn pattern for pants. So darn cute.


~Knitting for same little one.

( can’t show you because I’m blocking and need to add buttons)
I hope it fits!

I love winter!

~Spinning Stars Quilt Done~


I can’t even tell you how happy I am with this quilt. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Cozy and warm. Crinkly and cozy. The colors make me happy.  I love using linen in quilts but it is not always easy but no matter, I  still turn to it for the texture it brings to the quilt.

I can not take any credit for the color or quilting choices in this design of Anna Maria Horner’s Spinning Stars, I shamelessly copied hers. Look halfway down the page. When I first saw this it was love at first sight. Shamelessly I set out to make my own version because it makes me happy. I hope you don’t mind.. hee hee.

I haven’t done any hand quilting since I made the Heather Ross quilt, I forgot how fun it is. I am already planning my next quilt that I will also do hand quilting on. I think this is my new love. It really adds a personal dimension to the quilt.

~Flannel backing, so soft~

~scrappy binding = love!



~Baby Quilt done~

Yay, it is in the wash getting all snuggly and warm even as I type this.  I finished last weekend and had just the binding left to go. What a long week of work but I was able to finish it up yesterday evening. I am so glad to have this done. I miss making quilts.  It’s been a while and I really miss the process of making them, the end product is always so worth the time!

I have many ideas and plans to make more, but you know how that goes.

For this quilt I used the Lil Twister Pinwheel tool. It was fun! I have made a pinwheel quilt before but this tool makes it faster and worry free.  I really enjoyed the process. I had 2 Good Fortune charm pack’s from Pink Chalk Fabrics which comes with a coordinating stack of solids.  This is just enough fabric to make a baby quilt (along with extra yardage for piecing the front and back .)

I free motioned the baby’s name and birth date on the front for a fun alternative. Here it is pre-wash. I will be so anxious to see it once dried. I will post a picture of it when it’s done in the wash.

Ok, on to my next idea.. what will it be?

I really hope Mama likes it and baby spends many happy hours using this quilt.

~Dusting off the old blog~

After months of  being absent I am creeping back to blogland.  Look what it took to get me out from my shell.. The Single Girl Quilt Along .  There is even Single Girl Support Group  on Flickr to help inspire you and walk you through each step.  I am really excited about this!   The Single Girl Quilt has been on my list to make for forever and this quiltalong will help to move me along. 

The pattern came in the mail earlier in the week and I’ve been itching to get started ever since.   This is big because I have  not sewed anything at all since early December.  We had some major family issues right before Christmas and unfortunately it knocked me back a bit. Thankfully we are in a better place right now.

Last night I began to trace the templates and then pulled some scraps together, the next thing you know I had a quilt block.

 I have green on my mind most likely because I can’t stop thinking about spring.. so I dug up as many green scraps as I could find.  I thought it would look lovely with my favorite linen.

My question now is do I make a sham or keep going and try to go for a baby quilt?? I can’t decide but the wheels are turning.  I need to go through my scraps again.. I love being able to use what I have.

And finding inspiration where you least expect it…

As we continue to turn toward  the light I begin to feel myself awaken.  I love this time of year. Sometimes it feels good to be brand new.

I hope to be back soon with a little more progress.

~Far Far Away II quilt completed and I missed you~

It is fall all the way here in Memphis.  This is my time of the year. I love the fall season so much, but something has certainly been off… I miss you.  Maybe I will stop by from time to time to check.  Perhaps share a little of  this and a little of that.


I thought about starting a new blog, but it did not feel quite right.  My heart lies here I suppose.

Here is a little quilt I’ve been working on the past few months. Yes, months.  It was a slow process because I worked on it in small stages.  Piecing the blocks, framing them in the linen. I really wanted to hand quilt the whole quilt but my technique is not quite up to par.  I decided to go with a whimsical loopy scroll.  I really like it. 

What I  like the most is that I have finished something, took pictures and more importantly felt as if I had something to say. This is huge I tell you.

Here’s to a happy and warm fall, and a full heart.

*Better pictures in Flickr  and here’s hoping Santa brings us a new camera this Christmas!!

~Welcome July~

So far this July, I have had ice cream for dinner.

I am joining in Habit for July and you should as well because it is open to everyone for the month of July. I love Habit!

Here is my first picture~

I was determined to make biscuits and I’ve made them before. However it took 3 times to get it right this go around. The first time I accidently used baking soda.. but they are called baking powder biscuits. Right. Well, then I used baking soda, but they turned out like little bricks… I went and bought a new container of baking powder.  Yup, that was it.  Let me tell,  you we demolished these like they were the last bits of food to be found. They were so good!  I used a recipe just like this one.

I am doing a lot of rocking and crocheting.  This is what I work on   for my quiet time  and when I want to watch tv.  Crochet is simply the best stress reliever.  Amazing.

These are happy colors with a touch of vintage-ish mixed in. I am really happy with the way this granny stripe blanket is turning out. Love!

I am working on my Far Far Away II quilt. I am so excited about this one.   So many plans, so little time I tell you.  I can’t believe the weekend has come round again. I hope you enjoy yours!!

~Happy Scrappy Birthday Quilt~

I just finished my mom’s birthday quilt.  Yikes.  A little late, but you know what they say about that!

I had a lot of fun making this quilt. I had a vision of what I wanted and I think I achieved what I was going for.  I am calling this quilt the Happy Scrappy Birthday quilt because it is made mostly from my scraps. I found my main inspiration fabric from one of my very favorite thrift stores.. can you spot it? Hint: it is in every one of the blocks….

Well, my good camera still has not been repaired, so the quality of these pictures is off, big time. But, perhaps you can see the  main fabric?

When I found this blue floral fabric, I felt as if  it had a sort of vintagey feel to it.. and I knew I wanted to start my blocks with varying sizes of this fabric. I then selected scraps that I felt complemented this  fabric.

This quilt makes me really happy.  It has a mix of my favorites, Anna Marie Horner, Amy Butler, Tanya Whelan, Lizzy House.  I mixed in some lovely linens, my favorite brown gingham,and some Kona cotton.

I realized that  little pieces of all of most of my previous quilts are included in this quilt.  Cool.   Each quilt I made was necessary and needed  in order for this quilt to exist. I love that thought.

That is how I work, one idea slowly builds upon another until I am propelled to produce.  This is part of my creative process, if that makes any sense.

Mom, I am sorry you have to see this quilt here. With the way things are going.. it might be a minute before this gift is in your hands, but I can promise it is even better in person!

~Simple is as simple does~

I made a new quilt.  I was totally inspired this quilt  that Jacquie (of Tallgrass Prairie Studio made. Once I saw the pictures, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew which fabrics I wanted to use.  A light bulb turned on! Really.

I had a vision in my head, and I was not disappointed. I wish I had taken proper pictures. This quilt was intended as a gift for my sister and I was down to the wire placing the label on, right before I gave it over to her. Talk about waiting til the last-minute!

I can show you what pictures I did take and you will just have to take my word that it was cute. The vision did materialize and it was all that I wanted it to be.

Here is my quilt’s story.  It’s simple really.  When I was a child, my grandparents, all of them, lived in Florida. We spent weeks every summer, probably 4-6 weeks going between the two sets of grandparents. Especially after my mom went back to work.  My parents did want the kids home alone all summer long.

I have vivid memories of my summer’s spent in Florida. It was hot, usually every afternoon you could count on an afternoon shower. Lovely!

We went to the beach everyday, early in the morning. My grandfather was a diabetic and he had to eat lunch at a certain time. My grandmother had to be home to prepare Harry’s lunch. She was never late.  Anyway,  she always sang a little song as we got ready to go to the beach….

I told you it was simple!

To this day, I can’t think of the beach without singing that little ditty. My grandmother collected shells, and beach glass. She had little jars of the green, white, and blue sea glass that she placed around her home.  

We always came away from our beach trip with tar on our feet. My grandma was prepared for that. She kept a little cannister of ? turpentine, or kerosene or some such strong chemical that she used with a little red rag. She cleaned our feet before we left. That was after she swept our feet with a little whisk broom.  She allowed not one grain of sand into the car.   I think actually, that Harry did not allow sand or dirt in the car, but Georgette surely followed the rules! It was meticulous.

So, sun, sand, tar,blue skies, waves and such.  These are my memories.  We also slept every night on the screened in porch, on a sofa fold-out bed.  My sister and I shared the bed, we slept under the fan. My grandparents never used the air conditioner. Not in the car, nor their home.  I don’t know why, they just never did.  I think it was Harry’s doing.  Well, I know it was.   My grandmother had those vintage sheets, bright and  colorful.  The tag always said no iron, percale.  They probably weren’t vintage at the time, but you know…

Can you see where I am going??

My sister goes to Florida each year with her husband and her

in-law’s.  This year for her birthday I wanted to make her a beach quilt. To take on her trip, to add to her memories of Florida.  To help make new memories if you will.

So, even though I don’t have the best photo’s to show this quilt, I hope you can get the picture. Quilts are for everyday use. They are warm and comfortable. They are cozy and full of love.  They are made to last a long time. They are for making memories.

So, if you will please excuse my incomplete photo’s, we were busy living!!

~ Craft Hope Haiti Quilt~


I finally finished my Scrap to Treasure Quilt  –finally yay!!
I had an extra incentive  to hurry up and get it done.

I am donating  this to the Craft Hope Etsy shop – all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders— every little bit helps you know…

   ~back, scrappy stripe and polka dots!!