~What I am loving right now~

~I have had making shopping bags on my list FOREVER and a day. I love
this so much, I know I am going to do this for sure. I like the idea to of using the bags for gift wrap.

~ How cute is this??    Here is a cute little flower to go with the headband  Oh me. Seriously cute!

*so hard to get a good picture, trust me it is cuter in person then this. Plus I am having a bad hair day!!*

~ Then there is this.. how cute!   I think my feet need  a pair of these! My gir

ls do too!  

I am a little overwhelmed with the holidays being so close.. working.. eek. Just not a lot of time, but I think little projects are much more doable.

I always say I am starting in July, but I promise it just never happens. Every year it is the same thing. Sometimes I think I just do better when I am under pressure, yes, it is my own pressure, but you know what I mean… don’t you??

What are you into this year, are you working on anything special? Fast??? Would love some links!!  Especially for teacher’s!


~making me happy~

Yesterday morning we had a very brief “snow storm” in other words we had flurries for about an hour or two.   I have to say it was so pretty. Big fat white snowflakes. They melted almost instantly, but were lovely nonetheless.

I love this cardinal.  He and the Mrs. have been with us for a long time.  I love him all the time, but he really cheers me during these winter months. How can you not be happy seeing those beautiful red feathers? His mate is just as beautiful with her golden feathers and orange beak.


just look at these cute shoes…

I just really love these shoes, my latest thrift store find… ($1.98)

Also, my new foamer tool thingy to top this little cup of java… inspired by this post ~I have the same little silver stove top espresso pot.  In fact it was another thrift store find. After reading that post, I had to dig it out and give it a go.  It was fantastic!

I also found this great little blog Attic 24 it is so colorful and inspiring. I can not get enough bright colors right now. I am really over January. To long, to gray to cold for me.  So,  I have decided to make this cute little bag isn’t it the cutest thing ever??? Love it!

Hope your January is bright and cheery!

~Hats for Haiti and a little bit of Thankful~

capbutton_31     What a great cause !  

I had so much fun making these little hats! The pattern is on the website for a quick download. I got a few shirts from the thrift store (brand new), longs sleeves were $1.00 last week…. I could not help but put a little heart on a few of these sweet little caps. I know that each little bit of good intention can add up to a tidal wave of goodness.


I have really gotten behind in my  Thankful posts.. so I am making a list of some of the things that I have found myself feeling thankful for over the past few weeks…

   Thankful for fall beauty~

1. My home

2. My family

3. My bed each night

4. Food in our pantry

5. My crazy dogs and cats

6. Home made bread

7. Home made strawberry jam

8. My knitting chair

9. My sewing machine

10. New beginnings

11. My country and the hope of new beginnings.. 

12. The changing of the seasons

13. Fallen leaves soon to be composted…

14. My garden

15. My roses

16. My friends

17. My ability to sleep well

18. Soup (home made)

19. Root vegetables

20. My health

I really am thankful for all that we have and for the blessings we are yet to recieve. This time of year really brings me hope and a feeling of genuine happiness.  I wish that for everyone..

Baby Quilts & Shop update!

  ~ Look at this treasure! I came across this in a shop and I had to get it. The colors are so soft and the little piggies are to die for!! They don’t get any better than this.  This quilt has been machine pieced, hand quilted. There is a display sleeve that has been added to the back. The colors are pink, lavender, rose, blue and grey. The binding is in the gray piggy fabric and the back is the coordinating gray. It is too cute for words!

      ~It is ready to go and in my shop!

   ~ I went ahead and put this little quilt in my shop  as well.

~Birds in a bowl~

   ~I found the cutest vintage thing the other day… not exactly sure what this is supposed to be, but it has multiple birdies hanging on a string with beading. There is a very tiny bell on the very bottom.  We have it hanging on my daughter’s door as a part of her catatorium, dont ask!    I first had them  placed them in a  wooden bowl from the thrift store… 

They are the coolest thing and what I love the most is the colors of each bird with the little beading detail for eyes and beak, and a little tassel tail matching the main color of each bird…

Here they are hanging~

I found a few other little goodies that I am saving for later.

We have been enjoying the best fall ever! The weather has been warm during the day and cool at night, just perfect for roses and the last of our fall flowers~

We have been enjoying some wonderful soaking rains as well…

   ~ lovely orange mums

a little pink rose, think it is the Knockout.. it is a good doer along with all of my antique roses. This has been a great fall for roses! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Edith’s Twirly Skirt Pattern~

This is a CUTE pattern.. from Stop staring and start sewing! and I fell in love. Really cute. Easy as well. I will say my ruffle/lining got a little wonky, but it is cute. I made the 2t size, and I have my 5yr old modeling it. So, it might run a little on the large side although I have a small petite 5 year old. It is hard to say. I love the embroidery. I used sheets from my stash for the first try. Maybe I will put it in my shop… 
There are a few more photo’s in my flickr!

I think I did better on my 2nd go around with Billie Anne~


I originally used flannel for the body, but I did not like the way it held up.  This time I used cotton. Much better.  I used some Joel Dewberry and a Heather Bailey cabbage rose print.  I did a hand crochet trim around the neck and sleeves.  I used a vintage trim around her skirt, pantaloons, and apron.  I also went with wool felt eyes since this will more than likely be for a 2 year old.   Hope she loves it!

School is back in and that has had us hopping.  I battled a stomach bug for 2 or 3 days, and hubby had medical tests… whew, glad that week is behind us.    Mr. Bear came home with our kindergartner and they have been very adventuresome.   Now we must go and journal the adventures!  Happy Sunday!

~Blue butterflies and vintage green ~

     ~ new picassa tool

I happened upon some wonderful vintage sheets and they really spoke to me.  I was fortunate to find both of these sheets in the same afternoon and I just had to have them.  I crafted 2 dresses out of them and overall I am pretty pleased.   I am actually thinking of opening an Etsy shop and I would really love some feedback!  I mean I know I get a good bit of traffic, but no one really  talks to me 😦



Green vintage dress~ shoulders have an interesting application, they are slightly aysmetrical to add a little punch. Vintage buttons have been used. The dress is fully lined, vintage piping used around the waist with some decorative trim. Soft ivory bow and 2 heart yo yo’s complete the waist.

       ~vintage green sheet the color is really soft and unique.

  ~ french seams

  ~hand hemmed.

  ~ This dress was made a little faster. It is a vintage dress that features blue butterflies and flowers.   Coordinating foe was used for the shoulder strap. Heart yo yo’s accent the shoulder’s.

  ~decorative stitches used for the neckline, matches the hem by using 2 rows of the same decorative trim.

I would say these dresses would fit a 9 -12 month baby.

so, if you are so inclined… feedback would be appreciated!

Worthy of sale yay or nay?  Seriously!

Sunday sewing…. mixed with a little crochet…

Taking a break from the garden, I spent a little time sewing today. I am going to participate in the Polka Dot Creations Summer Skirt Sheet Swap so, I found this great sheet at the GW yesterday. It was the right size and I love the pattern …. got it home and went to wash it, and to my surprise.. the pattern is only on the top portion of the sheet. Bummer! So, i went ahead and cut it to spec’s and sewed it up. This is a great tut.. great idea. Fast, fun and a good way to “reduce, reuse and recycle” as my 5 year old has been spouting all week, thanks to Earth Week education..

So, here it is…

Making the skirt was so fun and fast that I thought I should make one for Em~ from a pillow case of course…

and in action, twirling on her toes, very hard to get a still shot…  ~

                All I can think of is “Dancing Girl” from ABBA ~ anyway I think she liked it.

I also finished up this little crochet project. Inspiration came from many different places, but I put my own spin on it by finishing up one piece,  slip stitch the sides together and making a strap gone wrong to a center closure type thing.  I am just calling it a wristlet.. and I am thinking about lining it so it can could be used. Or, I could see using in my purse for bigger things, like cell phone, sunglasses, keys.   Really I am not sure on this one…




My little quilt….

 my little quilt is done! It is quirky, wonky, soft and cuddly. Made from leftover scraps and vintage sheets and cotton batting. I have a long way to go, but I still love it.


 I really love the backing on this quilt. This vintage sheet is so soft it feels like silk! Love the yellow with the purple binding.


Grandma (95) tried to teach me how to crochet. I am determined to learn but I have a lot of practicing to do!

Weekend update….

We have a sick sick house~ husband, kids, even I have had a sore throat for the past few days. I am thankful my sore throat has not progressed. Hopefully they are all on the mend! Here is a little Singer I could not pass up! When I saw  it at my GW I had to get it.  $19.99. It works, but it needs a good tune up and cleaning. I could not help but think of my littlest working on this one day. She is way into craft projects. She wants to do it all!  I love the minty color!

Ok, here is the deal, February is quilt month at Sew Mama Sew and in my continued effort to do more, be more, I have undertaken the challenge. What is hard is the fact that quilting looks so easy, and straightforward, but it is hard. The threads alone can make you go over the edge. I guess the art is in how beautiful it all looks, effortless simplicity. Mine, not so much~    Well, it is a  work in progress. It started out as a 9 patch, apparently this is what young girls first worked on when they were learning how to quilt back in the day.  It seems I could not leave well enough alone, I had to go and divide it into fours, then reassemble. Well, needless to say, I do understand how important correct measurements are in this process. This is where it all went wrong for me.  All squares are wonky, but I will perservere.  I think just making myself work through process will help me more than anything else. Ultimately I would like to make a twin quilt. Ha ha, one day! For now, with all of this, I am stopping at a crib size. I just can’t take to much.   Hmmm, that little incubator quilt make do, or at the very least a doll quilt. Yes, maybe that is what it will be~ no matter what, I am having a blast! 

All items are really left over scraps and vintage sheets, pillowcases.  You didn’t think I would spend money on a project I knew wouldn’t go quite as it should did you? I have been down this road before, but I am sure to do better this time!