~Baby Quilt done~

Yay, it is in the wash getting all snuggly and warm even as I type this.  I finished last weekend and had just the binding left to go. What a long week of work but I was able to finish it up yesterday evening. I am so glad to have this done. I miss making quilts.  It’s been a while and I really miss the process of making them, the end product is always so worth the time!

I have many ideas and plans to make more, but you know how that goes.

For this quilt I used the Lil Twister Pinwheel tool. It was fun! I have made a pinwheel quilt before but this tool makes it faster and worry free.  I really enjoyed the process. I had 2 Good Fortune charm pack’s from Pink Chalk Fabrics which comes with a coordinating stack of solids.  This is just enough fabric to make a baby quilt (along with extra yardage for piecing the front and back .)

I free motioned the baby’s name and birth date on the front for a fun alternative. Here it is pre-wash. I will be so anxious to see it once dried. I will post a picture of it when it’s done in the wash.

Ok, on to my next idea.. what will it be?

I really hope Mama likes it and baby spends many happy hours using this quilt.



I love in the beginning when all I have are thoughts.  Nothing is certain except for the fact that ” it”  will one day be something.  No time right now, but I have big plans for this little stack of fabric and Perle cotton!

Fat quarter bundle from Hawthorne Threads, I believe I ordered Friday night and my goodness it was here by Monday lunch time. Crazy fast service, got to love it!

~Red Letter Day baby quilt~

What feeling is so nice as a child’s hand in yours? So small, so soft and warm, like a kitten huddling in the shelter of your clasp.
~Marjorie Holmes

So, I think I’ve mentioned my cousin really liked her quilt I made for her new baby..

She wanted me to make a quilt for her friend in Canada daughter Xyla Rose (beautiful name!).

For the main fabric she picked a Lizzy House line the Red Day Letter and had it shipped to me. It is the cutest line!!

This is what I came up with-

~sorry for the cloudy day weather pics..

 ~back (kind of blurry)

 ~I think this little area is my favorite!

So, I used linen for the sashing.  I have been wanting to try wool for the batting.  After all this quilt is going to Canada.  I love, love, love cotton batting, but I just feel like it is so thin sometimes.  The wool is thin, it makes it a little transparent, just a bit.  But, it is warm, really warm and very, very soft.   I think it will be good.  So? We’ll see. Have you ever used wool? What did you think?

Can I just say I finally got the corner thing figured out??  I have read many, many tutorials but I was always a little off.  No more! I got it . Yay me!

So, now that I compare the 2 quits, obviously I did not exactly replicate the design, but I hope she loves it anyway!


Updated:  I recieved a lovely comment from Lizzy’s mom! I asked her how she happened to come upon this name for her collection.  She was kind enough to send me back to where Lizzy explains the name…and it is perfect! It really makes this quilt that much more perfect! We should all be so smart as to have a Red Letter Day, everyday!!

~Baby Shower check!~

So, I spent all week in suspense.  We had the shower for my sister… yay! Now I can show what I have been working on.

I made a decision to change from my hexagonquilt, to a string quilt.  I honestly was feeling uninspired for some reason. I also was seeing some flaws with my handsewing that was beginning to make me crazy.  Plus it has been a while since I made my last quilt so I was itching to get back to what I know I can do. For the fabric selection… it is a mix of  fabrics. My sister picked out her main fabric.. the lindley yellow check and a blue floral “Lucinda” from Covington. Originally to work off of the colors, I chose Tanya Whelan prints from the Darla collection. I love that line. It is very soft and girly. However, I felt like I needed some zip. That is where the Good Folk fabric came in. I just love the colors and the way they all seem to work off of each other. I was inpsired by this and thisquilt. I used a 2 inch white kona cotton strip in each block. I chose a large block to show the fabrics off. To finish the quilt I used this tutorial I like the idea of a handwritten label for my niece’s first quilt.

To finish it all off I made a little coordinating envelope quilted pillow. Love the back!


I will still complete the hexagon quilt, I just have to be inspired again..  I encourage you to make a string quilt.  It is kind of magical when you trim down your block. The whole thing just transforms.

  ~ love love love this itty bitty dress pattern!


I also made the itty bitty baby dress from Made by Rae  Omg!!  I love love love this pattern. I love it because it reminds me of when I first learned to sew, my daughter was just a few months old. I really wanted to be able to make her clothes. I signed up for a class at our local college. My husband bought me a little Viking and it was a workhorse. We got to pick out a pattern and we worked our way through it. I picked a dress and it was a lined bodice with a gathered skirt. This pattern just brought me back to the beginning. It made me so happy!

I ended up making bloomers from a pattern I had at home. I love the fabric I used the Anna Marie Horner Good Folks collection. Wow~ what a great line! I can not say enough about the fabric. I love the weight of it. I love the way it sewed up and how it look after I pressed. It has a very rich feel to it. Love love love it.
If you notice it coordinates with the quilt ever so slightly.
Finished off with a few burp cloths using left over fabric scraps.

 One cozy blanket and that finished up the gift. I loved every minute I spent on these little gifts.. thinking about this little one who is yet to be born. Who will she be, what will she be like??   Right now it just does not matter.. I am just ready to meet her when her time comes.


more pics in flickr

Another little baby quilt project~

Another little baby quilt done!

I have a friend who was expecting her 2nd grandchild, first girl on January 6th. She is very thrifty and very frugal and for some reason I just felt like this type quilt would suit her and her new grandbaby very well.

I used an assortment of my favorite vintage sheets, with a little help from Sam~
it seemed to come together very quickly. He quickly let me know it would do fine, without missing a beat!~ I used a soft minky type fleece on the back my favorite part of it all is the dainty fabric I used for binding. I just love it!
I actually had an ulterior motive for doing this quilt, I thought I could include one of my dresses I made last summer or this one. There is no sense letting these sit around when there is a little girl soon to be big enough to wear them!
So, off they go. I used Elizabeth’s (from Oh Fransson) idea/instruction for making the quilt top, quilting the top then add the minky backing. You then bind the traditional way. I can’t wait to give it to my friend!

~Another quilt done~


Another “vintage inspired” strip quilt.  I just can’t say how much I love this fabric.  It obviously is a seasonal type vintage fabric. I just finished the Summer version, and this would be the Spring version.  I love love love it! 

The dragonflies, polka dots and the stripes and then the gray, it just works ~

it is hard to see but the cream colored fabric with the tiny yellow buds (just above) is one of my favorites choices.  This is the first time I did not use white for the quilting, and I love the color it provides.

The back is simple with scrap blocks..

It has been freshly laundered, crinkled and it is cozy.  Perfect for a little one. I have to say these photo’s are all prior to the washing…
I think this one might go to Etsy…