dreaming of roses….

Living in the south, it is a well known fact that Gallica roses do not do all that well here.  Typically we go from a few days of lovely weather called “Spring” to all out hot Summer.  Gallica roses bloom one time for supposedly a long time. Well worth the space they take up in the garden. This is a risky rose for the South due to the shortened bloom cycle due to heat. I have had 2 gallica’s that have been less then stellar in my garden. This one below was supposedly “Tuscany Superb” but it is not. I had like 2 blooms on it last year. This is the 3 year in my garden and I finally have some Wow going on. I just don’t know if it is because of all of the rain post drought. Or the cool long Spring we are having. Not sure, but I am happy. I was going to shovel prune this one if it didn’t give me something.



  ~ a budded type view

   ~ combo view and it is very fragrant!


  ~ Marchesa Bocella it is a winner all the way.  Here is a bud view ~

  ~ and an open bloom. Very very fragrant and so pretty!

  ~ Field of the Woods, climbing rose.   The photo has it in a pinkish tint, but it is red, will need more time to study it, but looks like a winner!