Crochet Bag to chase away winter blues…..

One of my favorite new blogs to visit is Lucy’s Attic24. She is such a creative and colorful lady! You have to go and visit! I believe she lives in the UK in an old Victorian house and the scenery is unbelievable..

I was so inspired by some of her projects, it has certainly been awhile since I have crocheted anything, but I gathered some colorful cotton yarn and gave it a go…
It really is no comparison to her lovely bag, as I did not want to invest a lot of money in case I couldn’t make it/finish it, whatever.. so I kind of used what I had on hand to give me a similar feel.
I did not quite finish the whole pattern, it seemed the bag was getting big, so I stopped a little too soon I think.  I made the adorable flowers also from her site.  It is just so happy!

I am already on to my next project of course inspired by Lucy ~a lovely hexagon pattern so stay tuned and please go visit, you will be so happy you did!

Sewing for baby~

There are a lot of babies soon to be born, in our family and a lot of friends as well. So, with this in mind I am trying out a few different things. The first topic being an area that I have wanted to get back into for a long time…. The Handmade Dress’ Samantha  did a lovely post on the topic of Heirloom Sewing.   Just look at her photo’s, her work is exquisite.  I know when my first daughter was little I took a class at a local sewing shop, on smocking.. at the time I just did not have the time and patience to stick with it.   Now that I am older, ahem, well, I am back interested… especially after reading this blog! 

Here is my little ode to heirloom with a bonnet made from cotton sateen, entredeux, and a finely crocheted shell edge. I spent time with this book for inspiration..


  Please note that spot appears to be on my lens, I had to go and do a double check on that, but no it is the lens thankfully!

  ~little birdy applique with some embroidery..

  There are so many different post’s on the applique, I have no idea where or when I saw this.. but it is made from a lovely flannel called Nursery Time, appliqued with wonder under and then zig zagged around. On a baby kimono shirt..

     All babies need burp cloth’s… I used Juliette’s tutorial  the only change I did was not use the birdseye diaper, mine was the premium 6ply super absorbant diaper, it had the thicker middle.. and it seems as if I did see this made with that kind of diaper, but I can not remember for the life of me where. However~ with this is what I came up with.. I am just loving that fabric..


More to do, but this is what occupied my time over the weekend.   Hope yours was all that you wanted it to be..

Sunday sewing…. mixed with a little crochet…

Taking a break from the garden, I spent a little time sewing today. I am going to participate in the Polka Dot Creations Summer Skirt Sheet Swap so, I found this great sheet at the GW yesterday. It was the right size and I love the pattern …. got it home and went to wash it, and to my surprise.. the pattern is only on the top portion of the sheet. Bummer! So, i went ahead and cut it to spec’s and sewed it up. This is a great tut.. great idea. Fast, fun and a good way to “reduce, reuse and recycle” as my 5 year old has been spouting all week, thanks to Earth Week education..

So, here it is…

Making the skirt was so fun and fast that I thought I should make one for Em~ from a pillow case of course…

and in action, twirling on her toes, very hard to get a still shot…  ~

                All I can think of is “Dancing Girl” from ABBA ~ anyway I think she liked it.

I also finished up this little crochet project. Inspiration came from many different places, but I put my own spin on it by finishing up one piece,  slip stitch the sides together and making a strap gone wrong to a center closure type thing.  I am just calling it a wristlet.. and I am thinking about lining it so it can could be used. Or, I could see using in my purse for bigger things, like cell phone, sunglasses, keys.   Really I am not sure on this one…




Crochet~ I think I get it!

 I have been determined to learn how to do this crochet thing.  I have wanted to learn for the longest time. Ok, so it took me a long time to “get it”, but I think I am good to go now.

I thought this little top was so cute, and I new just the girl for it~

I found this cute pattern here from Jessi’s Patterns so, I just went for it! It was fun. I used the same type of yarn as she did, Caron Brites, but I am not crazy about that yarn. Also, my crochet seems loose. So, definitely lots of room to improve there. I first tried this pattern with Rowan Cotton, and I love the color, however it seems heavy. I just need to finish the straps, then I can really compare. 

  In the mean time~ here is a close up of my little flower detail.

 ~ and the back detail, I love the little vintage green buttons.

That is my first real crochet project, yay Crochet!!