~First quilt of 2010 done~

Well,  let’s make that the last quilt of 09 and the first quilt of 2010 done.  Whatever, it’s done and that makes me happy!

  ~I had the hardest time taking pictures, I had to go outside and chase the sunshine!

The quilt pattern is called the “Roundabout Quilt” by  Amy of a Commonplace Life.  The first time I saw her completed quilt’s and her tutotial for her pattern, I knew I wanted to make one. I just loved it from the start. 

I will say I was nervous about piecing circles but I got over it, quickly.  I love circles.  They are easy.  I was pinning and pinning at first, but soon I just kind of lined them up and let it rip.  It was fun!!

Here is the back, I wanted a little bit of calm here, as opposed to the wild jumble of color on the front.  I just made a few more blocks then pieced with  Kona cotton “Snow” to complete the back.  I used Kona “Bahama Blue” or something like that for the binding, again going for a little calm.

This quilt is for my daughter Emma, I had promised her a quilt and it took  me forever to get around to it. I just had to have the right fabric, the right pattern, and I think this  is what I wanted for her.  I call it my “Circle of Love” quilt for her, so she will always remember that she is surrounded with love. Corny, but true!

A quilt is never done until it is photographed,  so now it is in her possession and she is really happy.  That makes me happy!

~I think I LOVE it! So happy and colorful!   Thank you Amy for sharing this wonderful pattern! It is genius!