New Little Ones and some more “Heirloom Sewing”

  A peek at my attempts at Heirloom Sewing….

   But first, our new little additions to the family, brother and sister kittens ~ about 8 weeks old.. poised and still trying to get a handle on their new family….pensive and a little timid..

   Annabelle getting sleepy…

   Tiger with very sleepy eyes…They are adorable, very energetic, independent, and playful (when not asleep)..    They are very connected to each other and spend a lot of time playing together and sleeping curled up together…  It was so lonely without Kitty, we decided to try to honor his memory with some new little ones who surely need a warm and safe home..

Now some sewing….

my attempts at Heirloom Sewing continue.   I am just trying out some techniques, my pin tucks are not so good.   I broke down and got a new foot, next time should be much better.  I also need to use a better quality fabric… same with the entredeux.. 

I do love the picot crochet trim.  I guess I should break down and use a real pattern as well.  This is loosely based on a baby day-gown, with ribbon weaved through the trim to adjust the neckline and arms.  If I only had a little on to try on and see about the sizing.   I am totally winging it on that one.  

The only thing left to do is the hem and the finishing touches.  I love the embroidered flowers, I used a thicker DMC all cotton thread for the embroidery, which I really like. 
Martha Pullen’s French Sewing by machine is on the way to me, so I can only say I have a lot of room for improvement, but it is very enjoyable so far.  It is a true test of patience, this is not a fast process. 

  That is one area I can certainly improve on… patience.