~What I am loving right now~

~I have had making shopping bags on my list FOREVER and a day. I love
this so much, I know I am going to do this for sure. I like the idea to of using the bags for gift wrap.

~ How cute is this??    Here is a cute little flower to go with the headband  Oh me. Seriously cute!

*so hard to get a good picture, trust me it is cuter in person then this. Plus I am having a bad hair day!!*

~ Then there is this.. how cute!   I think my feet need  a pair of these! My gir

ls do too!  

I am a little overwhelmed with the holidays being so close.. working.. eek. Just not a lot of time, but I think little projects are much more doable.

I always say I am starting in July, but I promise it just never happens. Every year it is the same thing. Sometimes I think I just do better when I am under pressure, yes, it is my own pressure, but you know what I mean… don’t you??

What are you into this year, are you working on anything special? Fast??? Would love some links!!  Especially for teacher’s!


Odds and Ends~

With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been slowly working on some odds and ends for  swaps and what not..  
~ a little clothespin angel made with vintage linen and lace.

 ~a vintage Christmas card turned bookmark, or ornament, decoupaged…

  ~ playing around with stamped lined, added crocheted picot edging.  I finally used my hemstitch/wing tip needle.  Pretty fun!

  ~ one more stocking, boy version.  I used a Pottery Barn sheet for the dinasours and some gingham and other odds and ends. I  quilted the top and used  linen for the back.


Time is certainly wizzing by…

Crazy quilted coasters on the fly….

Crazy quilted coasters, originally uploaded by jennbennstar.

Coaster’s on the fly…
These were quick and easy to make. I cut fabric leftover from my Rubblework scarf and pieced these together. I used 5 inch squares of linen for the back, and 3 inch squares of the brown and polka dot cotton. I pieced and then quilted them going around the square. I call them crazy quilted because they have a slightly rustic feel to them.

 One more handmade item done!

Inspiration recieved from~

purl and also Sew Mama Sew and I am sure other blogs that I can not remember right now. We are really tired from our Christmas party with mom and family. They are off to Chicago soon for their Christmas holiday. We surely had a wonderful time though!

Meet Eloise our Christmas Elf!


Happy December! The time is drawing near.  In the spirit  of all things Elfie, I have taken inspiration from many places….Here and here (this one really got me going!!)and I know there are many more. Anyhoo, I took my inspiration and focus to come up with …

Eloise~ the Elf!!           

We think she is kind of special!

She was made with Love of course.  Her pattern was cut, materials selected, stuffed, face embroidered, clothes sewn and assembled. She was embellished with an antiqued silver button and a warm gray scarf was woven for her neck and shoulders.  She was a lot of fun to make, and my little helper helped me with finding the appropriate name.

Much more to do with regards to Christmas, first and foremost to find our missing tote box of ornaments. How they disappeared out of our attic is beyond me.. Might have had something to do with our annual attic clean up spearheaded by dear hubby.  Hmmm. .. we have to get on top of this quickly.  We have a tree waiting…

Update:  We have found our “missing” ornaments! Yay!!  Let the yuletide festivities begin..

Little Elf shoe OH MY!

Thank you to Allsorts!! This elf pattern almost made me fall down. Love it! Here is my tribute to the wee little elf.

 I love the simpleness of this shoe, I love the little felt bobble on the toe, and I love the little embroidered flowers. I see this as gift potential  for the ladies at work.

Go ahead, make one!

eggnog pancakes with cranberry maple sauce and a new softie….

We had a wonderful start to our Saturday today. Daughter #1 made us a delicious treat. They were so good they would make you slap your mamma, no joke they rocked! I think this sort of a treat is perfect for our seasonal food. Great job Sara!

Next, daughter #2 created an artwork inspiration~

The artist showing her piece!

We gathered some supplies~ fabric from our thrift-store linen sheet, stash fleece in hunter green for the backing and thread on hand. We transferred our inspiration piece to our fabric, and commenced to embroidering. This was so much fun to do together. This little pillow softie is created with love and heart from little sister to big sister for her Christmas gift.

 We hope she loves it as much as we loved making it!

 Please excuse our purple marking pen marks, they have not yet completely faded. Here is a close up view of our 3 dogs, and cat.

Handmade Holidays…. a brilliant idea?

It’s started. You know what we’re talking about: Christmas trees in department stores, not-so-subtle ads everywhere, a deluge of catalogs and the nagging feeling that you should get to work and at least think about holiday gifts. We have the answer for holiday gift-giving this year, or at least the inspiration and a few (100+) tools to help you get it done. We’re thrilled to present, starting tomorrow, our Sew,Mama,Sew! Handmade Holidays: 30 Days of Gifts to Sew!

Each day in November focuses on a particular theme; we will provide great resources and inspirational ideas for sewing holiday gifts. Every week throughout November we’ll also offer two $25 gift certificates to Sew,Mama,Sew!Winners will be randomly selected from all comments posted on the blog in the previous week.

Please help us spread the news about Handmade Holidays. Feel free to add our button to your blog or website (see below) and please enjoy our sneak peek at the themes below. Visit daily, find your creative muse and enjoy Handmade Holidays!

Sew,Mama,Sew! Handmade Holidays: 30 Days of Gifts to Sew
November 1 ~ Aprons
November 2 ~ Pincushions & Pins
November 3 ~ For the House
November 4 ~ Lunch Bags
November 5 ~ Tote Bags
November 6 ~ Blankets for Baby
November 7 ~ For your Purse or Pocket
November 8 ~ Whimsy
November 9 ~ Fabric Ornaments
November 10 ~ Ties and Belts
November 11 ~ Reading & Writing
November 12 ~ For the Table
November 13 ~ Placemats
November 14 ~ Kids’ Clothes
November 15 ~ Warm those Toes
November 16 ~ Gifts for the Crafter
November 17 ~ Purses
November 18 ~ For Baby
November 19 ~ Tech Gifts
November 20 ~ Gifts for Organization
November 21 ~ Pillows
November 22 ~ Fun for Hair
November 23 ~ Soft Toys & Games
November 24 ~ Sachets
November 25 ~ For the Kitchen
November 26 ~ Embellishments
November 27 ~ Gifts for Warmth
November 28 ~ Drawstring Bags
November 29 ~ Fabric Boxes
November 30 ~ Gift Compilations

All I can say is this is a brilliant idea, I have good intentions.. Really I do.  I am not certain how far I will get or how well I will do, but all I can do is try. I think this year  has brought great change in our family as we re-evaluate our beliefs and our goals as a family. It is important in today’s changing times to take time to look at the whole picture. We have made some changes that many people do not understand. However, it was right for us as a family. One such example is we have gotten rid of our Tahoe, it was not only expensive to drive, insure, and keep full of gas, but it is bad for the environment. I had started to feel pangs of guilt driving around in it. Don’t get me wrong, I truly loved that car, it was great. I am short and it is big, and I felt great out there and no one messed with me. I felt sad when we gave it up and I had to mourn my loss for a quick minute . I am now feeling lighter and my conscious is feeling better as well. As a family we have to really share, communicate our needs and plan well for our daily activities. We will have trying times I am sure, but right now it is good. I do wish we had alternatives to driving, but as of now, there are only city buses. I am not prepared to go there yet. But? maybe one day.

 That is just one example of some changes we are attempting, but I think it is time for us to also find a way to slow our consumerism.. I don’t think it is realistic to think everything has to be handmade, or that I would have the time to make everything handmade but, it offers a goal, a place to begin.. So, I can take my good intentions, the first baby step towards change.. isn’t that how change really occurs? One foot in front of the other until momentum is achieved.  So, I know I can make special gifts for my family and friends with love and sincerity and maybe they will be inspired by one action that will possibly start a chain reaction. Wouldn’t that be cool?