~Let Me Sit and Knit~

I love the time when I can just sit and knit. Early in the morning or often late at night. All is quiet and the house is calm. There is time to sit and be still while keeping my hands busy.  It takes me a long time to finish my knitting projects, but I do eventually finish. I always have a project tucked away in my knitting bag.  I have a long list of projects “to do” and I am satisfied with my plans. If I could do everything I want to do right now, then what would I have to look forward to? I do not want to have everything done “right now.” Anticipation and planning. Hoping and waiting. Dreaming. It’s a good thing, this exercise in patience, right?


~Yarn Along~

Joining Jenny today…

Still working on my little blue sweater. Just the sleeves to go. I am so slow 😦

I just need to bind off and start the sleeves. Maybe tonight?? maybe.

Took a little time to make a cute little mouse: love. So cute. I guess it took part of an afternoon. She is so very cute, if I say so myself! Pattern link here~ Marisol a knitted mouse~

I have some new projects in the que that I want to start on, so many lovely things but these are on my mind right now.

shawl pattern and so are you so cute!

and look at this beautiful sweater, oh my Gnarled Oak Cardigan This is a for sure. Love it.

Reading: my grandma’s books. She gives them to me and I read a little before bed each night. It’s like my nightcap. Slows my mind down for a really good sleep!

What are you working on??

One more..

~ Autumnal ramblings and a GIVEAWAY!! ~

I pulled out my fall runner yesterday that I made last year~

   partly because it is getting cold and well, because it is October and there is  no time like the present…

When I noticed a little theme going round….


You can tell by the activity around here the temperatures are beginning to drop, all animals have claimed their spot~

Any of our three dogs may be found on a couch  either cuddled up or  just curled in a warm ball …

The kitties are no exception … they have been spent all of their time sleeping and bathing each other on my fall runner.  Of course as soon as I just pulled it out they think it is just for them, well of course they do.. they’re cats!

We brought in some of the roses ~  surely they will not be around much longer.. 

Emma gathered a lonely walnut, maple leaf and set out some of her great grandmother’s sea shells to decorate the flowers.

I love these antique tea roses, pictured are Mrs. BR Cant, and Mrs. Dudley Cross along with a few blooms from our Vitex/Chaste tree. Lovely!!

Speaking of our garden,  wait until you see the giveaway information below it is awesome!!

First a little recordkeeping~   I saw my last hummingbird on Monday, the 12th.. This is important  as I like to keep a record my little friends coming and going’s.  I am always so sad to see them go.  It will be a long few months until they are back.. see you in March little friends..  Godspeed.

   ~sorry so blurry!


Speaking of  knitting, did you see this giveaway by GardenMama? She is featuring handmade items by Down in the Meadow  Wow, I am in awe~ what fantastic work! You have to go and check it out. The giveaway ends tonight so hurry! Of course I am late to the game..

So cute!!!

I need to be sewing but all I want to do is sit and knit.. that’s it.

It might be a problem, but for now~ not so much!

~What’s for dinner?

Coming up with new ideas for dinner can be challenging.  Thankfully we are in the best time of the year for nutritious and delicious options!


I like to go to our neighborhood veggie store to pick up fresh items for dinner.
Today yielded some kale, snap beans, new potatoes, and summer squash. I have been wanting to try this recipe I have seen other recipes around, but I do not care for vinegar. However I LOVE olive oil and this version really worked for me.
The funny thing is these kale chips taste just like real chips.  I am not kidding.  If you took a bite without looking at it you would not know. I know it sounds crazy but it is so true!

I really had a taste for roasted vegetables so I tossed a bit of summer squash, snap beans, and vidalia onion with some olive oil.  I roasted this little medley at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Tossed with orzo it was fantastic! It was light and very satisfying.  I used Ina’s recipe for the new potatoes~ of course they were fabulous!! That goes without saying…

Every time I see cherries I just feel so happy.  They are one of my very favorite fruit.  Especially these oh gosh they are good!  I know these are not a local  product and honestly there is nothing that can be done about that fact.  I will have them~ they are that good.   I know how important it is to eat local etc, and I really do try to do just that.  I have to rationalize it this way, I lived in Portland, OR for a short time and my uncle lives in Seattle.  So, it is for old times sake?!  That is the best I can do.  I have some Memphis peaches, and Ripley tomatos waiting their turn for tomorrow’s meal…


~So my 6 year old “made”  us desert! Isn’t it pretty?? 

 My new thing to do with  apples is to spread this on them ~ oh it is heavenly!

This is where I am right now.  I always seems to be thinking of food!

 I need to to start another batch of  this bread  and I am going to try it without preheating the oven ~ because it is too hot here to have that oven preheating~ sounds like it might just work.

I am gearing up to get back to work on my  little project~  

but first I am trying to finish another Shalom 

ughh.. to many projects with not near enough time..

~Shalom Cardigan~

I can’t stop ~I’ve got the knitting bug.  I seem to go from one project to the next.  I usually obsess over one craft until I burn out.

I was all about the quilting until ~wham~ I got the itch to knit.  I haven’t done much since last fall, but a few weeks ago it hit and now I am totally into it.  With all of the worries in the world knitting just  grounds me. It seems to comfort my worried mind.  It’s so peaceful to just sit and knit. 

I love this pattern, love the yarn I used. It is so soft. Love the color. Kind of a plumy color. Now that I have made the pattern, I know some changes I would make. Cast on fewer stitches to begin with. I did some short rows for the back, don’t think I needed them. Some how I forgot to continue the garter stitch border whoops!

I need to pay more attention….

It will do though I think for a light weight spring/summer cardigan..

Raverly info here.  If you need a summer cardigan….

~Soup with bread, knitting and quilting~

Well, the NieNie Benefit has been a huge success!
Last auction to be launched tonight at 7pm Pacific time. Everything literally sells out in minutes~ yes, even my little quilt sold that fast. Unbelievable! I am so happy I sent it off.  It feels good to be a part of such a wonderful event  with all of the turmoil of late,  there is still a little good left in the world!

I can’t quite feel the fall in the air, but by gosh I know it is out there and  soon will be in my neck of the woods!

  The leaves have not changed, it is still 85 degrees outside,  the rain has dried up… but the soup is on!  This is my most favorite soup and I can eat it by the bowl-fulls,  I just love it that much and it was made by my sweet hubby!

What is soup without the  bread?   If you haven’t tried the NY Times no knead bread, then you just haven’t lived, it is that good. Seriously! Water, yeast, flour and salt. That is it. Ok, you need a fridge to rest the bowl on and an oven to bake the bread…


~ I started this right after I finished The Turqoise Quilt, (above).  I love the browns with the whites and I have a great backing in mind… I just can’t decide which way to quilt it.  My inspiration is the wonderful Denise Schmidt .

Ok, the FLS gave me fits, I have no idea why.. I just couldn’t get past the yoke.. So, I took a deep breath and a  break from that and switched over to Juliet from Zephyr Style…I am ready to begin my lace pattern! Yet another sign of fall.  I am consumed by knitting.. I know I am craft add.  I just can’t help it!
Enjoy your week!

Finished objects, babies on my mind….

I finally finished baby Jake’s hat, it is a really cute pattern It took me awhile to get through this, I had to concentrate, on the pattern. It was not hard at all, it was fun and quick when I was alert and non-drowsy. It did not help that Christmas was in full swing.
I made this hat to go with my knitty toddle scarf… I think it is cute together.  These items are for a young baby, but they will totally grow with little Jake, as they are quite roomy!

Next fo is for a lady at work’s grandson, born just a week or 2 ago. I drew her name for her birthday party and I can not resist throwing in a little handmade something something! She has 2 miniature dauchsounds so, that was my inspiration. Pattern from Sublime Stitching~ and   I really love it! There are many bib tut’s out there and here and they are all fantastic! love these embroidery patterns!

A new day…

Moving on to new projects..

from Knitty.. toddle scarf for a little one.

fun and easy. a little time consuming, but easy. The pattern is so easy, my problem is I have no memory. So, I do the cf4,  purl, knit, peal,  cb4,  purl, knit, purl, so on and so forth over and over. Somehow with that easy pattern, I forget cb4 or cf4. Oh well, I will be fine, it is obvious when your off. Also, I know why I prefer wood/bamboo needles, those metal sticks are slick!   I am in LOVE with this yarn, it is Blue Sky Cotton from Purl Soho.

What a difference good yarn makes! Here is the pattern:Toddle Scarf It seems to me that the color is most true in the last photo it is a beautiful blue called Azul.
I can not say enough about how much I love Purl, they are fantastic, artistic, creative, kind and have excellent customer service! Good people!

Zephyr Style… New knitting project..

 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1104/1464584079_1c35400ede.jpgI got the bug again.  To pick up and knit. I am so bad to start a project and walk away halfway done. This is what happened to my knitty project.  I hate to have unfinished objects laying around.
So, I hope to get back to that soon, but in the meantime,  I found a great site Zephyr Style and I thought I would try their Twitterpatted purse…this new project is adorable. So, I started it Saturday.
Here is how far I have gotten.

I love the colors in this yarn and it knits up quickly. I believe I will be done very soon as this garter stitch does get a bit monotnous. It is good though when several people are talking all at once.  I had this cotton yarn  in my stash and I think I have some cute coordinating fabric for the lining.  All I  will need to finish it off will be the purse handle.

I hope to have a finished project soon.

Update: 10/7/07 Here is my purse.. sorry for the poor picture quality…