~Something worth blogging about~

It seems as if I have had nothing to say. I don’t want to complain about the tree that fell on our house, how hard it has been to be displaced. It has been challenging at times, however, our problems completely pale in lieu of what is happening in the world around us.

That being said, I finally found something wonderful to share with you~

So pretty!! Denyse Schmidt fabrics’  are here in Memphis at JoAnn’s. Shut the door, can you believe it? I almost fell out when I saw them! I just didn’t think they would have them, but hot dog they did! So excited.


The lady at the cutting counter kept going on about how lovely this fabric was, I kept going on about Denyse Schmidt, she had no clue. No matter, I told her this was a huge thing that had occurred and she just said ok.

I am making a quilt. I brought my sewing machine to our rental house.  The last foot on my machine was my walking foot, it was still in place from the Single Girl Quilt Shams.   I had to buy some feet. I had to buy a mat and lots of little things that I had at my house and are now tucked away in storage. Funny how many little bits and bobs you need when you sit down to sew. I finally had the creative stirring and it is making  me happy. I am ready to cut and piece and sew away. Wish me luck!

Fabric: New Denyse Schmidt line from JoAnn’s.

Quilt pattern:   Ollieberry Ice Cream Quilt Pattern from Posie Gets Cozy one of my favorite blogs I visit.

~First quilt of 2010 done~

Well,  let’s make that the last quilt of 09 and the first quilt of 2010 done.  Whatever, it’s done and that makes me happy!

  ~I had the hardest time taking pictures, I had to go outside and chase the sunshine!

The quilt pattern is called the “Roundabout Quilt” by  Amy of a Commonplace Life.  The first time I saw her completed quilt’s and her tutotial for her pattern, I knew I wanted to make one. I just loved it from the start. 

I will say I was nervous about piecing circles but I got over it, quickly.  I love circles.  They are easy.  I was pinning and pinning at first, but soon I just kind of lined them up and let it rip.  It was fun!!

Here is the back, I wanted a little bit of calm here, as opposed to the wild jumble of color on the front.  I just made a few more blocks then pieced with  Kona cotton “Snow” to complete the back.  I used Kona “Bahama Blue” or something like that for the binding, again going for a little calm.

This quilt is for my daughter Emma, I had promised her a quilt and it took  me forever to get around to it. I just had to have the right fabric, the right pattern, and I think this  is what I wanted for her.  I call it my “Circle of Love” quilt for her, so she will always remember that she is surrounded with love. Corny, but true!

A quilt is never done until it is photographed,  so now it is in her possession and she is really happy.  That makes me happy!

~I think I LOVE it! So happy and colorful!   Thank you Amy for sharing this wonderful pattern! It is genius!