~ Enjoying  fresh fruit, and veggies. Drinking green smoothies and pretty flowers.  Our farmer’s market just keeps getting better and better! I am so thankful for all the farmer’s that provide me with wonderful goodies that I am unable to grow myself.

~7 already~

~Emma Rose Stark~

How in the world can  you be 7? I remember as if it was just yesterday.  I let your dad take me to the hospital late one Friday night, very begrudgingly. I did not think I was in labor until  I was standing at the counter checking in.  The lady just kind of smirked saying we’ll see if your really in labor, your too calm for that.   I just laughed to myself.

Yes, you were born just about and hour and a half later, by caesarean section. You were breach and just determined to come out your own way.  You do things your own way even to this day.

What a pleasure it was to meet you and hold you and call you our own.  We waited so long and you  filled our lives with such joy in these past seven years.

You are our littlest angel.  You are the little sister that Sara prayed many years for.

You are joyous and full of imagination. You play and play for hours with games you make up yourself.  You are never bored.


You are a driving force in our family. You have expectations that must be filled. You insist we have tea parties and celebrations. You insist on beach parties in the back yard. 

You love all animals, especially our doggies. You grew up right in the middle of them and they are your constant  companions.

You are always ready for an adventure.

You love to be playing outside.

You have spent endless hours creating fairy houses. Decorating them and watching and waiting to spy a fairy. Even at seven you like to create little special places and your own little games.

You are such a special person and you have such a special place in our little family. You are a gift that we treasure.  We are richer for having you in our lives.

~our littlest angel, your growing up so fast.

Never lose your wonder little girl.

Or your joy~

We love you!

~Lordy, Lordy, I can’t be 40~

Dear God, I am 40.

I am not really believing it.  I am OK with being 40, the alternative is well, you know..

~40 Things about me you might not know~

1. I believe in God.

2. I am a true Pisces, I am a dreamer.

3. I love the water, I want to move to the beach, and soon!

4. I am a Registered Nurse.

5. I work at the jail.. (I know).

6. I am not scared to work at the jail.  It is often sad, but also humorous.

7. I love to see people’s faces when I say I work at the jail.

8. I wanted 3 children, but I only have 2.

9. I am really short, 5’0 on a good day.

10. In my heart I am a hippie.

11. I am conservative when it comes to my family..

12. I used to be wild when I was younger.

13.  I taught myself to quilt, crochet and knit (my grandma tried to teach me, but I didn’t really get it at first.)

14. I love to read.

15. I wish I had more  time to read.

16. I love Spring.

17. I love Fall more.

18. I can’t stand Winter.

19. I like hate to be cold.

20. I don’t like to excercise, but I feel really good afterwards. (don’t we all?)

21.  I love being a wife.

22. I love being a Mom.

23.  I wish I could have one more baby, but I know I am too old. Darn it.

24. I love old houses, LOVE!

25. I want to move to Fiji.

26. I want to go to France where my grandmother grew up.

27. I want my house to be picture perfect, but it is not.  I am not the best housekeeper.

28. I worked in ICU for 14 years and by the time I left, I was having panic attacks.

29. My brother died from sudden cardiac death, he was 29. I still miss him like crazy.

30. My dad was recently killed by a drunk driver and I am still really mad and sad. I miss him like crazy also.

31. I miss my dad today. He always emailed me on my birthday. I always emailed him back the same thing each year.  Hi Dad, thank you for the Birthday wishes.   I am sad today…

32. I love red wine and my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip (the green one.)

33. I get bored really easily, I always need to have something going on..  I blame it on the adrenaline rush from being a nurse– I guess..?

34. Sleeping is one of my favorite activities, cooking is another.

35. I love to garden, but not in the middle of summer.

36. I buy most all of my clothes from the thrift store.  If you need it, you will find it if you look hard enough.. I used to be embarrassed to shop at them.   That is funny to me now.

37. I used to spend money like there was no tomorrow.  Now I am super frugal and proud of it.

38. I love animals. 3 dogs, 2 cats.  These animals are so spoiled. They are all rescue, except for  one dog that showed up on our porch, half dead.  We were going to find her a home, but then I buckled. She is the most spoiled.  She is a pit bull named Olivia.

39. My husband wants to come back in the next life as my dog. Weirdo!

40. My favorite place to be is home.

If you made it to the bottom of this list you will see I am super boring!  I have no idea why I always felt sad on my Birthday, but I can say this year is different. It really is. I am not sad, not today. I am truly grateful for all the love I have in my life.  It has just filled me up, more than I could have ever expected.  I am truly thankful.

~If you try hard enough and just believe~

So, last night I had a little girl sleep in her pj’s inside out and she slipped a spoon under her pillow last night in hopes to make it snow. She got this sage piece of advice from her teacher.  Another little friend told  everyone to flush ice down the toilet, so she did that twice.

She believed. Low and behold this morning we had just a little bit of the white stuff!  Success!!

Too bad our city schools stayed open while all the surrounding area schools closed today. Somehow that just feels mean to me.  So, I made an executive mommy decision, we’re staying home today.  Take that you mean school people!!

It is still in the early morning hours here, but someone has played outside for about 2 hours now.  When you see the wonder and fun shining in your little girl’s eyes, from such a simple thing, it makes it all feel right! You just can’t put a price on  joy~

She’s had her hot chocolate, she has created a little spot in front of the fire, for warming, sitting and drying her knits.


~Should be a fun day!!

~ Our traditional New Year’s Day meal~

The word on the street is that you must eat this to have a good year. Not sure I believe that, but I will say it is not New Year’s day at our home without this meal. We make this traditional meal every year because that is just what we do to honor our traditions.  It is a good thing  WE LOVE IT!!  (Most of us anyway!)


Because we indulged just a little too much this Christmas season, oh yes, I am really feeling it~ We will be eating a lot more of this in the upcoming weeks! Good thing  WE LOVE IT!!  just as much..(Most of us anyway!)

What is your New Year’s day tradition?

~My wish for you~

If your days are dark, may your path lead to light.

If your days are cold, may your path find warmth.

If illness is upon you, may your path lead to wellness.

If you have lost your way, may your path lead you home.

May you always see the beauty, remember the wonder and always have a friend.

At the end of each day I wish for you peace and love. 

I hope this  new year is for you all that you need it to be.