~Lazy Days~


~I love winter. I love winter especially on the weekends when I don’t have to go out. I love staying in my flannel pj’s and lazing about.

~Eating yummy salads.

Yummy winter salad. xoxo it.
~Starting a new quilt, using my stash. Make do and use it up~

Scrappy Trip Along

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~Sewing for a new little boy named Finn.


The best baby newborn pattern for pants. So darn cute.


~Knitting for same little one.

( can’t show you because I’m blocking and need to add buttons)
I hope it fits!

I love winter!


~Simple sewing~

   ~I tackled this pattern yesterday. Honestly it only took a couple of hours. Very easy to put together.

I made this for my precious little niece Caroline, who is probably have way to 20 by now, I haven’t seen her in a few weeks.  Each time I see her she is so much bigger. Her little eyebrows and eyelashes have come in.  She is more beautiful each time  I see her.

This was fun to make.  I intended to add the ric rack and a grograin polka dot ribbon, but this pattern just did not work for that.  It is made with  a lining and perhaps I could have figured it all out, but not this go around.  The last jumper I made really allowed me to add those little extra’s very easily. I am sure I could do it with this pattern~ maybe not just the first time around.

I do think this is cute, but maybe a little boring??  I was thinking of doing an applique heart  or a crochet heart ?  Then again, maybe simple is the way to go. 

~A. if you see this, let me know what you think!!

Have a good weekend!!

~What’s been going on~

-We’ve had some sickness going on…

-Computer crashed, big time…

-Lost all of my hard-drive pictures, I am so mad.

-Cooking  ginger garlic chicken soup for healing…

-New project in the works… courtesy of my sis..

-Thinking now I am getting sick…

~next project~

 I hope things get better around here quickly~!!

~Recipe for Ginger Garlic Chicken Soup~

I just kind of made this up, but this is what I did:

Place 1 package of chicken thighs in cast iron skillet to brown/cook.

Prepare 1 package of wild rice as instructed (I think it was 1 package wild rice to 2 1/2 c water, dash of salt, bring to boil for 1 hour).

 At the same time– Saute 1 onion in a pat of butter and a splash of olive oil.

Add 1 cup of mushrooms (or as much as you prefer)

Cut baby carrots into smaller bits, add to the saute.

Cut 4 or 5 stalks of bok choy into small pieces, add to saute.

I have garlic ginger paste (from a Mediterean Store) add 4 or 5 tablespoons to the saute.

Add 2 quarts Chicken Stock.

Simmer low heat.

When the rice is done, add to the soup.

When the chicken is done, chop and add to soup.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

That’s it!

Everyone loved it and it made me feel better right away!

If you make it, I would love to know if you liked it!!

~A little bit of baby bedding~

Wow, major computer issues~ Major! Oh well, apparently I am back on..!

Ok, now to my post …

15 years ago my stepfather made a baby cradle with the hopes of having many grandchildren to grace it. We welcomed our first daughter soon after. She slept in the hand made cradle for the first few months of her life.  It was wonderful literally having her right next to us. Over the years it traveled to Indiana for another little one, then back to us in 2003 for our second daughter. Once again when our little baby was too big we packed up it and returned to our family.  Packed away until it is needed again.   In January when my  sister told us she was expecting  and soon after my mother brought out the cradle for baby Caroline she also brought out the cradle bedding.   It is practically fifteen years old and not only was it showing its age, it is not exactly heirloom quality.  No worries~

 I knew just what to do! I did what any good aunt would do, I started sewing.  Now baby Caroline will have just a little bit of bedding to keep her cozy.  I hope she knows how much her Aunt Jen loves her already!

 ~ coverlet made in with the floral fabric, reversed in the pink check made with a tan-ish ruffle

  ~ the bumper is the pink check with the floral piping..

Now, if I could just find some organic flannel for the cradle sheet I would be good to go.. any ideas? I just want an off white ~or  cream color..

~Whirligig Quilt~

I was lucky enough to be commissioned for another baby quilt… I really enjoyed making this one.
I was not quite sure which direction to go in at first. I felt that I wanted to work with yellow and blue… after seeing this, thisthis, and all of these examples here, I just new I had to make a whirligig quilt. The tutorial I used is this one. I am not exactly sure why but my blocks were slightly off kilter. I just trimmed them up so it worked out just fine in the end.
I used an eclectic mix of fabrics, my favorite being the new Anna Marie Horner Good Folk Fabric. I actually was planning on using that fabric for a quilt for my youngest daughter, but  I  had to use just a bit.
I love,love, love that fabric, a little drop of Heather Bailey, and then bits of my favorite blue fabrics from my stash.  Here is the front~

a few blocks close up…

some of the fabrics are home dec fabrics, but it all works for me..

I really love the back, it is very simple, very plain. It reminds me the matlessaie quilts that I love so much~it is a solid sunshine yellow with an embroidered design. I new when I saw this fabric exactly what I wanted to use it for.

I also love the gingham binding

I like the border with the binding right next to it, I have not done that before, and I like the look of it.  I love this quilt, it feels fresh and fun to me.

I hope new mama and baby will as well.

Another little baby quilt project~

Another little baby quilt done!

I have a friend who was expecting her 2nd grandchild, first girl on January 6th. She is very thrifty and very frugal and for some reason I just felt like this type quilt would suit her and her new grandbaby very well.

I used an assortment of my favorite vintage sheets, with a little help from Sam~
it seemed to come together very quickly. He quickly let me know it would do fine, without missing a beat!~ I used a soft minky type fleece on the back my favorite part of it all is the dainty fabric I used for binding. I just love it!
I actually had an ulterior motive for doing this quilt, I thought I could include one of my dresses I made last summer or this one. There is no sense letting these sit around when there is a little girl soon to be big enough to wear them!
So, off they go. I used Elizabeth’s (from Oh Fransson) idea/instruction for making the quilt top, quilting the top then add the minky backing. You then bind the traditional way. I can’t wait to give it to my friend!

~A quilt and a bubble~

     ~ I have been sewing for baby Charles~


 ~ First a precious baby bubble~


I used a pattern by Creations by Michie,  it has french seams, pintucks, just a touch of machine embroidery and a cute little piped collar.

~ and every little baby needs a quilt…


I think the color and pattern will suit a baby as well a growing little boy..

all that is left to do is to finish hand-sewing the binding on.  I love the back and will get a picture of that once it is completely done.

~my first commissioned pieces, hope they are well received.

~Blue butterflies and vintage green ~

     ~ new picassa tool

I happened upon some wonderful vintage sheets and they really spoke to me.  I was fortunate to find both of these sheets in the same afternoon and I just had to have them.  I crafted 2 dresses out of them and overall I am pretty pleased.   I am actually thinking of opening an Etsy shop and I would really love some feedback!  I mean I know I get a good bit of traffic, but no one really  talks to me 😦



Green vintage dress~ shoulders have an interesting application, they are slightly aysmetrical to add a little punch. Vintage buttons have been used. The dress is fully lined, vintage piping used around the waist with some decorative trim. Soft ivory bow and 2 heart yo yo’s complete the waist.

       ~vintage green sheet the color is really soft and unique.

  ~ french seams

  ~hand hemmed.

  ~ This dress was made a little faster. It is a vintage dress that features blue butterflies and flowers.   Coordinating foe was used for the shoulder strap. Heart yo yo’s accent the shoulder’s.

  ~decorative stitches used for the neckline, matches the hem by using 2 rows of the same decorative trim.

I would say these dresses would fit a 9 -12 month baby.

so, if you are so inclined… feedback would be appreciated!

Worthy of sale yay or nay?  Seriously!