~Finishing up the small things~


I began this project long ago. I have worked in spurts around a full-time job, the holidays and some major stress at work. Not to mention my sewing machine had a melt down (after returning from the repair shop). Some nights I am so tired it’s all I can do to fall into bed. That being said, I have loved working on this little doll.   It will be hard to say goodbye, but it’s time for her to be on her way.  I just have a few more small things to finish up. Like binding her quilt, stitching up her little pillow. Make a nightie and she could use one more dress.  **Happy to say all of that is done**  Although, I keep thinking she needs one more pair of shoes and a going away bag to hold her clothes.  Hmm, no, I think it’s time to go.

She is ready to roll. I am ready to move on to my next doll. She will have green eyes and red hair (so I’ve been told).


I can’t wait to see what her name will be. She is going far away to live in Washington State with a special little girl. I told her she must be very sweet and a best friend to her new mommy. I think she listened.

I will miss you little friend but I know your going home to right where you belong, so I want you to be good and be sweet!


~Craft Hope and other goodwill projects~

Craft Hope This seems like such a good cause. I am a wee bit late getting my size 12 shirt for Lindsey sent off. I have been told I have until the 5th … it is on it’s way.

I like feeling that my projects have a purpose and a point. Another wonderful project I have my eye on is  Mountain Baby Blankets this is a project  started by Rachel. You should check out her  blog and if you have the time watch this report by Dianne Sawyer on the Children of the Mountains. It really touched my heart.
I have 2 quilts just sitting here in my house not keeping anyone warm..  So it would seem a perfect choice.  I also would like to add a few baby blankets in as well.  I am in search of the perfect baby/receiving blanket project.   All tips/links ideas welcome!

Do you ever feel called to give?

~Hats for Haiti and a little bit of Thankful~

capbutton_31     What a great cause !  

I had so much fun making these little hats! The pattern is on the website for a quick download. I got a few shirts from the thrift store (brand new), longs sleeves were $1.00 last week…. I could not help but put a little heart on a few of these sweet little caps. I know that each little bit of good intention can add up to a tidal wave of goodness.


I have really gotten behind in my  Thankful posts.. so I am making a list of some of the things that I have found myself feeling thankful for over the past few weeks…

   Thankful for fall beauty~

1. My home

2. My family

3. My bed each night

4. Food in our pantry

5. My crazy dogs and cats

6. Home made bread

7. Home made strawberry jam

8. My knitting chair

9. My sewing machine

10. New beginnings

11. My country and the hope of new beginnings.. 

12. The changing of the seasons

13. Fallen leaves soon to be composted…

14. My garden

15. My roses

16. My friends

17. My ability to sleep well

18. Soup (home made)

19. Root vegetables

20. My health

I really am thankful for all that we have and for the blessings we are yet to recieve. This time of year really brings me hope and a feeling of genuine happiness.  I wish that for everyone..

Quilt is done, but small problem….

  ~ see the spot there?

I loved it when it was done.  I took some quick pictures, it was late.  I should have stopped there, butI went ahead and washed it, because a quilt is not done until it is crinkled up. My opinion of course, but that is how I feel. Then came my little problem when I opened up the machine. Bleeding… I almost cried.

Ok I did a little. I prayed a lot. I washed, shouted a lot (stain remover), not out loud.

Soaked overnight, rewashed, etc. etc. Most came out, but… it is not perfect. My dilema is what to do. I was supposed to send this in for the auction, but I feel like it is not quite right….. obviously.

Here are my after pictures, the before are in my flickr.

   ~front  (light is weird)

  ~back,  small spots here and there, but not too bad overall..

I love the bottom row… I don’t know why, but I really liked that row.. the bedrail is in the way..

I did not use any pattern.. I just used my inspiration from  Denise Schmidt and also The Quilt’s of Gee’s Bend I just checked that book out from the library. It is great. Very inspiring.

  ~here it is before the disaster..

oh me.. I learned my lesson, no cheating, no shortcuts.. always prewash. Funny thing is I usually always do prewash. I just was in a hurry. I am so disappointed. I just don’t think I send this in.   I guess I will go see what I have on hand. Bummer. Plus I am late on top of it all. 😦

~Little dresses for little girls~

I added 2 cute items to my little shop

I made a few adjustments washed and ironed my little twirly skirt and it is good to go! So cute.
  I am crazy about this little pink top. I used this tutorial from Just Tutesfor my starting point. I love her site. Very good ideas there! I used a dark coordinated pink thread. Embroidered a design on the bottom of the hemline, as well in between the shirring. For the straps a great curly pink plaid ribbon with bows at the shoulders, front and back. I made the top from a vintage sheet, to go with the feel of the twirly skirt

I just love the pink girly twirlyness of it all.


I also made a little round neck dress from more vintage materials.

  This dress is soft!

  ~ cheerful

~just a little quirky!

I am still loving this quilted list-taker from JC Handmade   it is so fun to make~   there are a few more in my flickr.

A little sewing, some lovely blooms~

   ~ I really enjoyed sewing the Emmeline Apron.. the directions are very easy to follow. It flows well. I wish I was tall and thin, but no apron pattern can fix that!

  ~ other side, blurry… but…

I really enjoyed the pattern. I found this fabric for 50% off at Hancock’s, so I would say under $10.00 for all.  This was my “muslin” for my first time sewing this pattern.  I am sure I will sew again in some funky fabric..

I will be spending more time inside I am sure as it has now crossed over to HOT! We are well into the 90’s, our lovely rain has dried up.. so sad!

    ~ Magnolia’s are blooming…

    ~the lilies are so lovely!

   ~ plant and forget, they come back better each year. No garden should be without these lovelies.

  ~ a little more magnolia!

Green Polka dot’s….

  I finally got a little sewing done for Em…

I found the cutest pattern ever from Katie at that darn kat blog.
Here is my version, and I must say it has been awhile since I have sewn anything.. I am rusty and my machine is the pits… my buttonhole was acting up, but more importantly my machine makes the worst stitches…
The pattern however is wonderful, easy and fast.  The directions are fantastic.  I love not having to cut out tissue paper patterns~ that is the worst.  This just flowed very well.   What is great is the pattern gives you the option to turn the top into a dress and it is super super easy and it comes in sizes 2/3 thru 6/7. That is nice as well and a good value!
The bottoms are McCall’s 5510.   I also took advantage of some thrift store finds, the green polka dot sheet and a white vintage sheet.  Very Springy indeed!

   These pictures are not good, she moves so fast, and I had to use my old camera, it is like a dinosaur compared to my daughter’s Nikon.  I just couldn’t find it, or the battery is chaging or some such thing.. :+(



Summer Skirt Sheet Swap~ Check!

Ok, sheets are cut and packaged for travel.. for Polka Dot Creations Summer Skirt Sheet Swap!!

I had a time cutting the sheets… one sheet had spots I think… so that one was out, of course its been a long day and my eyes are tired, but it’s out.. The next one I got confused on the direction I was cutting… so part of that was out.. On to the last one, and it was not a twin, but I cut it down to spec’s..

Here they are~ set to go out tomorrow!!


~ I am excited to be in this swap!
~just because I found it blooming earlier this evening~ antique Bourbon rose “Souvenir de la Malmaison” this is a good one!

”Allister Stella Gray” Noisette rose, it is almost a pale yellow~ green when first opening, very unique and smells great!


Sunday sewing…. mixed with a little crochet…

Taking a break from the garden, I spent a little time sewing today. I am going to participate in the Polka Dot Creations Summer Skirt Sheet Swap so, I found this great sheet at the GW yesterday. It was the right size and I love the pattern …. got it home and went to wash it, and to my surprise.. the pattern is only on the top portion of the sheet. Bummer! So, i went ahead and cut it to spec’s and sewed it up. This is a great tut.. great idea. Fast, fun and a good way to “reduce, reuse and recycle” as my 5 year old has been spouting all week, thanks to Earth Week education..

So, here it is…

Making the skirt was so fun and fast that I thought I should make one for Em~ from a pillow case of course…

and in action, twirling on her toes, very hard to get a still shot…  ~

                All I can think of is “Dancing Girl” from ABBA ~ anyway I think she liked it.

I also finished up this little crochet project. Inspiration came from many different places, but I put my own spin on it by finishing up one piece,  slip stitch the sides together and making a strap gone wrong to a center closure type thing.  I am just calling it a wristlet.. and I am thinking about lining it so it can could be used. Or, I could see using in my purse for bigger things, like cell phone, sunglasses, keys.   Really I am not sure on this one…




little happenings….

  ~ look what came!

  ~ Market bags from Penny at Sewtakeahike! I just love them and could not be more excited to go my farmer’s market!I am really excited about opening day. I hope to pick up some tomato plants.  I got some heirloom variety there last year.  Thanks Penny! I love my new bags.  They are very well made, functional and so cute!

Other little happenings around my place~    ~ wild phlox, I love this plant, it takes sun. or part shade, and the color really pops in early spring.  Very dependable. I trim it back after it blooms, easy to transplant and tough.

 ~ wood poppies, this plant is very very dependable, lives in part shade/woodland garden. Long bloom time from spring to early summer. Slowly spreads. Said to repel mammals? Saw this tidbit at a plant sale last weekend.  Not very certain on that, but  I really love this plant.

  ~ I love iris! I have many they never fail to make me happy.   When I think back to my first garden beginnings I think of my mother in law Peggy, she really got me started with many pass-a-long plants, and she really truly was instrumental to me.  She shared with me many plants, many times, I am grateful for that.  Iris and wood poppies both given to me by Peggy.

  ~ the true mark or spring begginings for me is the first blooms of climbing old blush. I love this rose and it is massive. The long cool wet spring has really been beneficial to the flower form. They are full and very romantic this spring.

 ~ this is the view from behind the fence. Main attraction is on the opposite side, but this view ain’t too bad either!

  ~ Swiss chard “bright lights” yum! This is the best thing to grow. It will grow and produce for a long time. You can cut and steam the leaves, it will grow back time and again.  It tolerates light shade. I have a few little onions mixed in.

Happy spring!