a little more sewing…..

       Can you feel the love I have for that darn kat round neck pattern I just love it. It is hard to find clothes that are to me symbolic of “girl” clothes, meaning clothes that are not too old for young girls. It is easy enough to find sweet clothes for babies, and small toddlers, but somewhere around 4 to 6x, things begin to change. At least that is my experience. So, thus explains my joy to find this pattern. I know there are lots of choices out there, but this one just speaks to me… I want to try the Oliver + S patterns, but I am not sure about the size… Em would be a size 5t..
I believe in the fall the sizes will go up to 8? I know that would work. Talk about classic patterns! Love these.

   I love the neckline the best I think!

     ~just a little blue paisley top…

    ~getting a little bored with mom!