before and after…..

    ~in the beginning 2003 or 2004

  ~Spring of 2008

think it’s too much?

   ~at least there is no lawn to mow!

  ~minus the old oak tree it opened  up a large amount of sun growing area..

  ~filled with roses and perennials..


Update: I am a lover of all tree’s, plants and animals. I would never be able to willing cut down a good tree, however our oak tree was planted way too close  to the house and we were getting into trouble with the roots. Also, it was showing signs of decline and suffered a rather severe lightening strike.  We saved the stump and made a planter out of it. And we use the logs left from the trunk as garden stools and accents for a rustic feel through out our garden. It was a difficult decision but unfortunately one we felt we had to make.        ~ here I am using a a piece for a fern stand.


     ~ here is our cat utilizing a stump for a perch.   I feel we have incorporated our oak into our home and garden even though it was a good tree and it had just run it’s course and was too close to our home.  Unfortunately….




Good morning sunshine….

   ~it starts with this everday , many times a day really…

  ~we have been enjoying little outings as a family. There have been a lot of plant sale happenings around town. Last week was the Dixon plant sale, (forgot the camera, but the grounds are so awesome!). This weekend was the Lichterman Volunteer plant sale  and we enjoyed it quite a bit.  It has very large areas of natural habitats such as the woodland, the meadow, the lake and the native plant loop. There are centers to learn about the wildlife as well.

  ~ you can’t see it here, but the geese are nesting soon, the goslings should be appearing within a few weeks..

  ~ a little close up of the lake..

  ~ the geese are rather friendly, only softly hissing when pedestrians walk too closely to the nests with mama on them..

  ~ from the native plant loop and the woodland gardens, tons of may-pops, we also enjoyed the  wood poppies, Jacob’s ladder, wild phlox, and tons of dwarf bottle brush buckeye..

  ~ I believe this is called blood flower or some such name, beneficial for hummingbirds and butterflies.. I had to bring one home!

All in all great fun was had by all!