~I Spy~

~You can’t see it from the picture, but there is a little gap in the fence from the tree. Em was playing and spying last night after dinner.  She likes to go “explore” before it gets dark. She checks out all of her favorite spots and a game is made up along the way.   These are not the best pictures, but I hope you can get the point of her game.

We had big storms the night before and it was chilly yesterday, but that did not stop us.

I am loving our Outdoor Challenge It’s not too late to join!


~Homework on the front porch~

I am continuing on with the Get Outdoor Challenge that 5 Orange Potatoes is having.

Today Emma did her  homework on the front porch. Literally.    One exercise on her “homefun” grid is to write her spelling words with sidewalk chalk. ( They don’t call it homework at her school, it’s called homefun.)  Emma always picks this, wouldn’t you?

We are having really warm days, 81 today.  I think big storms expected tomorrow, but the roses are just starting to bloom and everything is so green.   Spring is so wonderful!

~front porch azalea’s. Love!