Sunday has rolled around again, time to post our Sunday dresses!

 It always comes down to this, finished projects on Sunday.  This day is no different for me. These 2 dresses have been in the works this week in my spare time. First is “Rob’s dress” from Rob’s knit shirt, old denim jeans incorporated into the design for sleeves. The sleeves have elasticized cuffs. They can be either 3/4 sleeves or pushed up to right above the elbow…

  I am still very committed to my pledge and I have really enjoyed the process. Good stuff!!  

 Next is my old  Target pant dress, let’s call it … Balloon applique A-line dress~

  This is an old pair of Target cotton drawstring pants.  Embellished with denim, suede and green cargo pant balloons. Only item needed to complete this project was the little doggie buttons! I did purchase those from my fabric store.

 I have lots of fun sewing, however, I am way behind on Christmas. I was out today and I can feel the “energy” of the Holiday  season  building. I hope we all have a calm and peaceful  journey  ahead of us and to remember what is dear to us, home and family, peace and love.


I heart my GW store!


GW is code for Goodwill.  I love my GW. I am not kidding. Ok, I started out at first being kind of embarrassed about going there. Browsing around, trying on things and always trying to keep a low profile.  I then started to open my eyes to who and  what was around me and  I began to really see the big picture.  Here is the skinny on my GW. 

One, all kinds of people go there. You’ve got the people who really need clothes at a cheaper price, you’ve got the work  crowd looking for their wardrobe fillers, you’ve got smart mother’s looking for hardly worn clothes for their rapidly growing children (this is where I started out), you’ve got the  hip crowd looking for cool vintage,  you get the point. The GW has something for everyone.

Two, it is so good for the environment because you are recycling, you are not wasting precious resources, you are giving care and love to items that someone did not want anymore.

Third, you can yourself recycle what you don’t need or want anymore, keeping things out of landfills, plus you know the drill one man’s treasure…

So, basically it is all good, and you can really get some things for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is imagine… then it will be! 

Example.. my little girl wants to be a tap dancer… she taps in all her shoes, so, I imagined that she would need a pair of tap shoes…. big sister always needs tee’s. Mama needed new boots and a purse. Fun fabric and pretty brown bears can always be made into various pj’s and whatnot..and the bear, well, let’s think Christmas cheer!

So… here is what I needed and what I received.. all for $23.00

I heart my GW!!!

New dress for Em


In the spirit of the wardrobe refashion challenge, I made a little a-line dress for Em. It is from thrifted items. An old pillowcase and a linen tablecloth. I intended to the dress to be reversible, but somewhere in the mix I could not get it figured out. I had no pattern, I just winged the whole thing.  I guess I would fall into the “speed demon” category on this one. Oh well, she loved the dress! I did make  this cool headband to coordinatewith the dress. I just the leftover scraps. I can not say enough good things about this headband. It is so cute!!! It is easily adjusted for little heads to big puffy heads! These are extremely fast and sturdy. I think these would be great for holiday gifts. Stocking stuffer, gifts for the girls at work. So, love that project! Next I will be trying this little project. I think it would also be great for gift give-a-ways.

Ok, here are a few pics of the little dress….