~Let Me Sit and Knit~

I love the time when I can just sit and knit. Early in the morning or often late at night. All is quiet and the house is calm. There is time to sit and be still while keeping my hands busy.  It takes me a long time to finish my knitting projects, but I do eventually finish. I always have a project tucked away in my knitting bag.  I have a long list of projects “to do” and I am satisfied with my plans. If I could do everything I want to do right now, then what would I have to look forward to? I do not want to have everything done “right now.” Anticipation and planning. Hoping and waiting. Dreaming. It’s a good thing, this exercise in patience, right?


Zephyr Style… New knitting project..

 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1104/1464584079_1c35400ede.jpgI got the bug again.  To pick up and knit. I am so bad to start a project and walk away halfway done. This is what happened to my knitty project.  I hate to have unfinished objects laying around.
So, I hope to get back to that soon, but in the meantime,  I found a great site Zephyr Style and I thought I would try their Twitterpatted purse…this new project is adorable. So, I started it Saturday.
Here is how far I have gotten.

I love the colors in this yarn and it knits up quickly. I believe I will be done very soon as this garter stitch does get a bit monotnous. It is good though when several people are talking all at once.  I had this cotton yarn  in my stash and I think I have some cute coordinating fabric for the lining.  All I  will need to finish it off will be the purse handle.

I hope to have a finished project soon.

Update: 10/7/07 Here is my purse.. sorry for the poor picture quality…