Edith’s Twirly Skirt Pattern~

This is a CUTE pattern.. from Stop staring and start sewing! and I fell in love. Really cute. Easy as well. I will say my ruffle/lining got a little wonky, but it is cute. I made the 2t size, and I have my 5yr old modeling it. So, it might run a little on the large side although I have a small petite 5 year old. It is hard to say. I love the embroidery. I used sheets from my stash for the first try. Maybe I will put it in my shop… 
There are a few more photo’s in my flickr!

I think I did better on my 2nd go around with Billie Anne~


I originally used flannel for the body, but I did not like the way it held up.  This time I used cotton. Much better.  I used some Joel Dewberry and a Heather Bailey cabbage rose print.  I did a hand crochet trim around the neck and sleeves.  I used a vintage trim around her skirt, pantaloons, and apron.  I also went with wool felt eyes since this will more than likely be for a 2 year old.   Hope she loves it!

School is back in and that has had us hopping.  I battled a stomach bug for 2 or 3 days, and hubby had medical tests… whew, glad that week is behind us.    Mr. Bear came home with our kindergartner and they have been very adventuresome.   Now we must go and journal the adventures!  Happy Sunday!

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6 thoughts on “Edith’s Twirly Skirt Pattern~

  1. Very cute Jenn! I love the details you add to your projects, so sweet! thank-you also for the link to the stop staring and start sewing website!

  2. Hi Jenn! You might remember me from my other blog the Crafty Herbal Knitter. I have not been the greatest at keeping up with that one but am having a blast with my gardening one. I remembered your nice comments left on my knitting blog so I finally got around to visiting your site again and OH MY am I impressed with the work you are doing these days! Seriously, WOW! I think it is great that you opened your etsy shop cause you are obviously very talented. My little girl is about ready to turn two. Do you think you might be making anything in those sizes any time soon???? She really loves dresses…..

  3. […] I made a few adjustments washed and ironed my little twirly skirt and it is good to go! So cute.   I am crazy about this little pink top. I used this tutorial from Just Tutesfor my starting point. I love her site. Very good ideas there! I used a dark coordinated pink thread. Embroidered a design on the bottom of the hemline, as well in between the shirring. For the straps a great curly pink plaid ribbon with bows at the shoulders, front and back. I made the top from a vintage sheet, to go with the feel of the twirly skirt […]

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